Feedback from Alumni

Leading for Success 8-day Consortium Program

Develop business leaders and entrepreneurs for continued success

'Incredible and intense learning experience that provides a massive volume of valuable information for working executives - information that is immediately applicable to real-life problems.'

Mr. Darren Boey, Chief Communications Officer, BGL HK Ltd

'Very informative and practical in daily practice to manage people and organization. An entrance to success as leaders.'

Dr. Joseph Chung, Deputy Hospital Chief Executive, Hospital Authority

'The modules are well structured and inter-related while inspire me on strategic thinking and enhanced my leadership. The theories discussed are related to real business life.'

Mr. Conway Chan, General Sales Manager, Hawley & Hazel Chemical (HK) Ltd

'I was very impressed. Really good mix of theory and practical. Great case studies and simulation exercises. Really inspiring professor who mixed humour with serious learnings.'

'I have really enjoyed the high tempo and the level of interaction with faculty and the other course participants. Great shared learning experience!'

Mr. Simon Childs, Managing Director, Head EMI

'A perfect mix of theory and practice. These couples with lots of built-in team activities, the learnings are multi-dimensional and eye-opening to different rankings in different organisations or industries.'

Mr. Johnny Chan, Director, Attractions & Guest Services, Hong Kong Disneyland

'A comprehensive refreshment, update on key management concepts, and practices to busy executive life.'

Mr. Kelvin Chan, Customer Care Manager, Customer & Marketing, The Hong Kong Jockey Club

'Very inspiring and let me think out-of-the-box from daily management.'

Mr. Peter Li, Senior Manager - Planning and Development, Development & Marketing, HKR International Ltd

'A great combination of theory and strategic thinking. A great refresher on overall management and thorough case.'

Ms. Jo Shum, General Manager, Lighting Commercial, Philips Electronics (HK) Ltd

'It is a very good program for senior managers combining with theoretical and practical elements. We can enhance our understanding through case studies and simulation.'

Ms. Eliza Ip, HR & Admin Director, Volkswagen HK Ltd

'I learned to think out of the box and hardly focused on my industry at all....unless I happened to be talking about my experiences. This gave me a completely different point of view and thinking that was new to me. By reviewing the case studies from the professors and listening to my class mates opinions on real life issues, it helped me to expand my own views and opinions that I can apply back to my own job. I had the joy to work with an international group consisting of Hong Kong Chinese, Mainland Chinese, French, Italian, Kiwis, Korean, Dutch and of course me being British. We all have different cultures which we learned from and we all represented a wide range of professions with industries, and many different positions. It was very rewarding on both a personal and professional level.'

Mr. Paul Dickson, Food & Beverage Manager (Racecourses), The Hong Kong Jockey Club

'The Leading for Success Consortium Program has been excellent, with a very broad coverage of business essentials to succeed.'

Mr. Kasper Staerk Olesen, General Manager, Maersk Broker Korea Ltd, Maersk Broker Asia Ltd

'The Leading for Success Consortium program brought together students from multiple backgrounds (culturally and professionally), which was big success factor and one which few other programs in Asia can provide. Being able to learn from the experience of others was one of the major success factors of the course. I benefited from the knowledge provided both by other attendees and the teaching faculty. The teaching faculty had professional experience, which was invaluable since they are not just imparting academic theories, but also practical solutions. This was a real value-add from the program. All modules came with a healthy quota of group work which tested our ability to lead amongst ourselves and then take that experience back to the workplace.'

Mr. Lee Quane, Regional Director - Asia, ECA International

'It is invigorating to be among a group of varied and talented people, learning and reinventing our ways of doing things.'

Ms. Clarice Yu, Senior Building Surveyor, Buildings Department, HKSAR Government