Seminar List 2020

January, 2020

January 9, 2020
Mr. Thomas Taiyi Yan, University of Maryland
Brokering the Competition: How Information Brokerage Mitigates the Adverse Effects of Inter-Team Competition on Team Innovation

March, 2020

March 6, 2020
Ms Hyeun J. Lee, University of Maryland
Gender and the Returns to Peers

March 20, 2020
Prof. Yanfeng Zheng, University of Hong Kong
A Rugged Land in a Flat World? The Localized Knowledge Spillovers in a Globalized Economy

June, 2020

June 5, 2020
Ms Jingyuan (Juno) Li, HKUST
The “Tertius Gaudens”: Multiple Large Shareholder Structure and Managerial Expropriation in An Emerging Economy (MPhil Thesis Defense)

June 8, 2020
Mr. Kyung Hwan (Andy) Yun, HKUST
Two Essays on Changes in Institutional Logics and their Impacts on Organizational Survival and Decision-making (PhD Thesis Defense)

June 8, 2020
Mr. Chenguang (Chris) Hu, HKUST
Two Essays on the Influence of Domestic Firms on Foreign Subsidiary Suvival and Innoation in a Transition Economy (PhD Thesis Defense)

June 11, 2020
Ms Jung Min Choi, HKUST
Examination of People’s Attitudes towards AI-facilitated Conflict Resolution in Workplace (MPhil Thesis Defense)

June 12, 2020
Prof. Sam Garg, HKUST
Fostering a Positive CEO-Board Relationship Cycle in New Ventures

June 30, 2020
Mr. Changjoon Rhee, HKUST
Growing Pains and Pain Remedies: Conflicts from Integrating New Executives in Scaling Ventures and Founder’s Resolution Behaviors (MPhil Thesis Defense)

September, 2020

September 24, 2020
Prof. Phanish Puranam, INSEAD
An introduction to the microstructural approach to organization design (PhD Workshop)

September 25, 2020
Prof. Phanish Puranam, INSEAD
Separated by a common language: Code clashes and convergence in organizations

September 30, 2020
Mr. Sayan Sarkar, London Business School
One News, Many Views: Strategy, Investor Disagreement on Social Media, and Consequences for Ventures Going Public

October, 2020

October 7, 2020
Mr. Manuel Vaulont, Arizona State University
Examining Forms of Informal Leadership (Non)Emergence and Their Differential Consequences

October 14, 2020
Prof. Shipeng Yan, City University of Hong Kong
How does Regulatory Transparency Affect the Effectiveness of Environmental Reporting Intervention? Evidence from the Chinese Banking Industry, 2007-2016

October 16, 2020
Mr. Seunghoo Chung, Ohio State University
Improving Outcomes in Team Negotiations: Examining Within-Team and Between-Team Routes to Value Creation

October 21, 2020
Dr. Victoria Zhang, Yale University
With a Little Help from My Peers: Networks and Variations in Physicians’ Compliance to State Opioid Prescribing Limits

October 28, 2020
Ms Willow Wu, Stanford University
Stepping-Stone Strategies to Leverage Institutional Intermediaries: Entrepreneurial Strategies to Contact Investors on a Fundraising Platform

November, 2020

November 4, 2020
Dr. David Hagmann, Harvard University
The Agent-Selection Dilemma in Distributive Bargaining

November 11, 2020
Mr. Zachariah Brown, Columbia University
Compensatory conspicuous communication: Low status increases jargon use

November 25, 2020
Mr. Young Hou, Harvard University
Vertical Co-opetition: Incentives and Impact