Seminar List 2016

January, 2016

January 12, 2016
Prof. David De Cremer, University of Cambridge
Managing Organizational Justice: Past, Present and Future

January 18, 2016
Mr. Jaemin Lee, INSEAD
Hybrid as a Gateway Drug: How the Emergence of Hybrid Jazz Leads to the Dominance of the Traditional Jazz

January 21, 2016
Mr. Jamber Li, Stanford University
The Dark Side of Embeddedness: When Family Relationships Give Rise to Malfeasance

January 27, 2016
Prof. Kai Chi (Sam) Yam, National University of Singapore
Why So Serious? A Laboratory and Field Investigation of the Link between Morality and Humor

February, 2016

Feburary 16, 2016
Mr. Seung-Hyun (Luke) Rhee, Northwestern University
A Meeting of the Minds: Effects of Cognitive Congruence in an Alliance Portfolio on New Product Introductions in the Software Industry

Feburary 19, 2016
Prof David DeGeest, University of Groningen
The Benefits of Benefits: A Dynamic Approach to Motivation-Enchaning HR Practices and Firm Outcome

Feburary 23, 2016
Mr. Jyun-Hyun Suh, New York University
Performance Signals: How Past Solo vs. Collaborative Performance Affect Subsequent Partnership Formation

Feburary 26, 2016
Ms Christy Zhou Koval, Duke University
The Way They Speak: Exploring the Psychological Mechanisms Underlying Language-based Inequality in the Workplace

Feburary 26, 2016
Prof Marjorie Lyles, Indiana University
Organizational Learning in Alliances: Eli Lilly and its Manufacturing and R&D Alliances
Developing Reviewing Skills: How to Help you to Become a Better Academic and a Researcher (PhD Workshop)

March, 2016

March 1, 2016
Prof Wen-Dong Li, Kansas State University
Yes, Proactive, But Are They Happy? Influences of Proactive Personality on Daily Well-Being and Job Satisfaction Change

March 15, 2016
Prof Daniel Levinthal, University of Pennsylvania
Discussion of Current Management Issues on Selected Papers (PhD workshop)

March 18, 2016
Prof Daniel Levinthal, University of Pennsylvania
IAS Distinguished Lecture -
From Incentives and Capabilities to Context: Emerging Perspectives on Innovation

April, 2016

April 1, 2016
Prof Christina Fang, New York University
Organizational Learning in Evolving Networks: Alternative Growth Logics, Interpersonal Network Structure and Performance

April 8, 2016
Prof Marshall Meyer, University of Pennsylvania
Micro-Divisionalization : Using Teams for Competitive Advantage

April 22, 2016
Prof. Neal Ashkanasy, The University of Queensland
Emotions in Organizations: A Multi-Level Perspective

April 27, 2016
Prof. Peter Ping Li, Xian Jiaotong-Liverpool University, Suzhou, China and Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen, Denmark
Global implications of the indigenous epistemological system from the east: How to apply Yin-Yang balancing to paradox management

May, 2016

May 16, 2016
Prof. Gabriel Szulanski, INSEAD
Overcoming Stickiness: How the Timing of Knowledge Transfer Methods Affects Transfer Difficulty

June, 2016

June 14, 2016
Prof. Tarun Khannan, Harvard University
Contextual Intelligence

June 15, 2016
Prof. Tarun Khannan, Harvard University
Research Methods to Study Phenomena in Emerging Markets (PhD Workshop)

July, 2016

July 7, 2016
Mr. Inseong (Lewis) Jeong, HKUST
Incremental Belief, Cognitive Flexibility, Innovative Behavior and Job Performance: The Contingent Role of Empowering Leadership (MPhil Thesis Defence)

July 18, 2016
Mr. Leyuan Xie, HKUST
Linking Top Management Team Performance and Corporate Social Performance: The Effect of CEO Team Identification (MPhil Thesis Defence)

July 21, 2016
Dr. Gilad Feldman, Maastricht University
Biases and Heuristics in Agency and Action

July 25, 2016
Mr. Chenguang (Chris) Hu, HKUST
Blockholder Rent Appropriation and Its Managerial Consequences (MPhil Thesis Defence)

July 25, 2016
Mr. Kyung Hwan (Andy) Yun, HKUST
I Will Be Back: When and Why Do Firms Hire Former CEOs (MPhil Thesis Defence)

July 28, 2016
Ms Ningxin (Jennifer) Wang, HKUST
Does Future-Focus Mind Benefit? Future-Focused Top Management Team and Corporate Entrepreneurial Pursuits (PhD Thesis Defence)

July 29, 2016
Ms Yin (Nadia) Yu, HKUST
Navigating the Political Landscape of the Organization: An Emergent Model of Group Political Climate (PhD Thesis Defence)

October, 2016

October 14, 2016
Prof. Arkadiy Sakhartov, University of Pennsylvania
Stock market undervaluation of resource redeployability

October 28, 2016
Prof John Li, HKUST
Entrepreneurial transition: How does founder�s exit affect firm�s innovation trajectory?

November, 2016

November 1, 2016
Ms Yidi Guo, INSEAD
When the Boss Is Not Always the Boss: Hierarchical Inconsistency and Organizational Misconduct

November 11, 2016
Mr Sunkee Lee, INSEAD
How Performance Incentives Shape Individual Exploration and Exploitation: Evidence from microdata

November 15, 2016
Mr Sungyang Chang, Columbia University
Digitalization and Creativity: Does Unbundling Facilitate Experimentation and the Discovery of New Talent?

November 21, 2016
Mr Michael Schaerer, INSEAD
Power(lessness) revisited: Can we draw inferences for the powerless from what we know about the powerful?

November 23, 2016
Prof Chak Fu Lam, Suffolk University
Say It as It Is: Consequences of Voice Directness, Voice Politeness, and Perceived Credibility on Voice Endorsement

November 25, 2016
Prof Sameer Srivastava, UC Berkeley
Coherence or Dissonance? Uncertainty, Cultural Conformity, and Individual Attainment in Organizations

December, 2016

December 1, 2016
Mr Yong H. Kim, University of Michigan
Yanking the chain: Do mobile phone brands pay the price of supplier worngdoing?

December 5, 2016
Ms Jia Yu, University of Iowa
Social Network Approach to Team Microdynamics

December 7, 2016
Ms Rachel Ruttan, Northwestern University
Sacred Values in Market Contexts

December 13, 2016
Mr Zhenyu Liao, National University of Singapore
Cleansing my abuse: A reparative response model of perpetrating abusive supervisor behavior