PhD Program in Management at HKUST

The Department of Management of the School of Business and Management at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) is recognized internationally as a significant force in research.  We recruit PhD students in every Fall and the deadline, usually, set in early Spring.

PhD Program in Management

The PhD program in management prepares students for a research and teaching career in research universities. The program has a global perspective with a focus on the Asia-Pacific region. Students can specialize in one of the following four management areas: a) human resource management, b) organizational behavior, c) organizational theory, and d) strategic management. Our program provides:

  • Generous fellowships for all qualified PhD students and Research Travel Grant for PhD students to present papers in international conferences.

  • Well-planned, sequenced PhD coursework covering core topics in management including Human Resource Management, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory, and Strategic Management.

  • Elective PhD seminars taught by distinguished visitors from around the world (e.g., Prof. Thomas Lee of University of Washington, Prof. Elizabeth Morrison of New York University, Prof Daan van Knippenberg, Erasmus University Rotterdam, Prof. Gilad Chen of University of Maryland, Prof Oded Shenkar, Ohio State University, Prof Ravindranath Madhavan, University of Pittsburgh, Prof. Stephen Tallman, University of Richmond, Prof. Jason Shaw, University of Minnesota, Prof. George Huber, University of Texas, Austin, and Prof. Blake Ashforth, Arizonia State University.)

  • Intense hands-on research experiences through working with faculty members on joint research projects.

  • Frequent faculty research seminars and PhD student research colloquiums.

  • Successful placement of graduates in research institutions (Please click here to see the list of our PhD graduate placement.)

Please visit our department website for further information about the department, the faculty, publications, and recent events.

Application Procedure and Contacts:

Application requirements and on-line application are available at Office of Postgraduate Studies.

Important dates:

For further inquiry about the PhD program and admission, please contact: Ms Margaret Chan ( or Prof. Bilian Sullivan (; and for further inquiry about the study and life as a graduate student at HKUST, please contact our PhD student representative(s): Mr. John Jamison (


All are welcome!