Selected Publication Journals

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LONG, Xiaoyang "Prospect Theory Explains Newsvendor Behavior: The Role of Reference Points," Management Science, 2015, 61, 12, 3009-3012 (with Javad Nasiry)
PhD 2014 YU, Peiwen "On the Quasiconcavity of Lost-Sales Inventory Models with Fixed Cost", Operations Research, 2012, 60 (2), 286-291 (with Qing Li)

"Multimodularity and Its Applications in Three Stochastic Dynamic Inventory Problems", Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, forthcoming (with Qing Li)
PhD 2010 LI, Tian "Strategic Information Sharing in Competing Channels", Production and Operations Management, forthcoming (with L. Guo and H. Zhang)

"Transparency of Information Acquisition in a Supply Chain", Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, forthcoming (with S. Tong and H. Zhang)
PhD 2009 WU, Xiaoli "Optimal Policies for Inventory Systems with Separate Delivery-Request and Order-Quantity Decisions", Operations Research, 2009, 57 (3), 626-636 (with Qing Li and K. L. Cheung)

"Timing Order Fulfillment of Capital Goods under a Constrained Capacity", forthcoming in Annals of Operations Research, (with Q. M. He and Qing Li)
PhD 2007 TONG, Shilu "Sharing Demand Information in Competing Supply Chains with Production Diseconomies", Management Science, Vol. 57, No. 3, March 2011 (with Albert Ha and Hongtao Zhang)

"Contracting and Information Sharing under Supply Chain Competition", Management Science, April 2008. (with Albert Ha)
PhD 2005 XU, He "Optimal Control of Replenishment and Substitution in an Inventory System with Nonstationary Batch Demand", Production and Operations Management, 20 (2011) 727-736 (with Shaohui Zheng and D. D. Yao)

"Periodic Review Inventory Systems with Random Yield: Bounds and Heuristics", IIE Transactions, 40 (2008) 434-444 (with Qing Li and Shaohui Zheng)
PhD 2005 ZHANG, Sheng Hao "The Impact of Information Sharing and Advance Order Information on a Supply Chain with Balanced Ordering", Production and Operations Management, Vol. 20, pp. 253-267, 2011 (with K. L. Cheung)

"Replenishment Sequencing in a Supply Chain with Balanced Ordering", ", Manufacturing & Service Operations Management, Vol. 10, No. 2 Spring 2008, pp. 198-203 (with K. L. Cheung)