Business Statistics

CHAN, Shun Hin
Research Interests:
Bayesian Analysis, Probabilistic Graphical Model, Nonlinear Time Series Analysis, Financial Econometrics, Data Analytics
CHAN, Wing Chun
Research Interests:
Network Analysis, Financial Modelling, Bayesian Analysis, Questionnaire Design
CHEN, Leheng
Research Interests:
Financial Econometrics
GUO, Ziqing
HUI, Chun
LI, Juncheng
Research Interests:
Statistical Machine Learning, High Dimensional Statistics, Risk Management
LIU, Guoli
Research Interests:
Financial Network Analysis, Financial Econometrics, High-dimensional Statistics, Portfolio Optimization, High-frequency Financial Data
PANDEY, Abhinav
Research Interests:
Bayesian Nonparametrics, Probabilistic Modelling of Combinatorial Data Structures, Probabilistic Inference and Ways to Scale to Large Datasets
TIN, Xiaoxiong
Research Interests:
Portfolio Management, Statistical Machine Learning