23 June 2008
Large Random Matrices and their applications to Wireless Communication
Dr. Jamal Najim, LTCI Telecom-ParisTech, France

20 June 2008
Sparse Regression with Incentive
Dr. Yongdai Kim, Department of Statistics, Seoul National University

20 June 2008
A Customer-Item Decomposition Approach to Stochastic Inventory Systems
Professor Saif Benjaafar, Professor of Industrial & Systems Engineering, University of Minnesota

30 May 2008
Going Beyond Expected Profit Maximization in Supply Chain Management
Dr Chen Kay-Yut, Principal Scientist, Information Services & Process Innovation Lab, Hewlett-Packard Company

23 May 2008
Nonparametric Bayesian Methods in Language Modeling
Dr. Daichi Mochihashi, NTT Communication Science Laboratories

16 May 2008
Pricing Services Subject to Congestion: Charge Per-Use Fees or Sell Subscriptions?
Prof. Gérard P. Cachon, Professor of Operations and Information Management, The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, (Currently on sabbatical at the University of Auckland)

25 April 2008
Probabilistic and Statistical Study of Markov Models using (Pseudo-) Regeneration Techniques
Prof. Stéphan Clémencon, Institut Telecom/CNRS, France

25 April 2008
On Managing Multiechelon Systems under Stock Disposal
Professor Alexandar Angelus, Lee Kong Chian School of Business, Singapore Management University

29 March 2008
Building an IT Infrastructure for the Stock Market: Experience and Career Opportunities
Mr. David Tsoi, Principle Consultant, Techlink System Consultancy Limited

28 March 2008
Consumer Privacy and Marketing Avoidance: A Static Model
Dr. Kai-Lung Hui, Department of Information Systems, City University of Hong Kong

7 March 2008
Social Preferences and Supply Chain Performance: An Experimental Study
Professor Yaozhong Wu, Department of Decision Sciences, National University of Singapore

29 February 2008
Beating the Accuracy Trap: Overinvestment in Demand Forecasting and Supply Chain Coordination under Downstream Competition
Professor Tunay Tunca, Stanford University

29 February 2008
Ex-Ante Information and the Design of Keyword Auctions
Mr Jianqing Chen, The University of Texas at Austin

15 February 2008
Outsourcing structures and information flow in a three-tier supply chain
Professor Pengfei Guo, Department of Logistics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

18 January 2008
Equilibrium and optimal arrival patterns to a server with opening and closing times
Professor Refael Hassin, Department of Statistics and Operations Research, Tel Aviv University


14 December 2007
An Empirical Study of Inventory Policy Choice and Inventory Level Decision
Professor Justin Ren, Operations and Technology Management Department, Boston University School of Management

14 December 2007
Multivariate GARCH Modeling with Applications to Financial Markets
Miss Iris W.H. Yip, Dept of ISMT, HKUST

5 December 2007
Incentives for Retailer Forecasting: Rebates versus Returns
Professor Terry Taylor, University of California, Berkeley,Haas School of Business

30 November 2007
Information Sharing, Production Diseconomies of Scale and Supply Chain Competition
Dr. Shilu Tong, Dept of ISMT, HKUST

30 November 2007
On a Threshold Multivariate Garch Model
Miss Iris W.H. Yip, Dept of ISMT, HKUST

29 November 2007
Semiparametric Models for Regression Analysis of Competing Risks Data
Professor Pierpaolo De Blasi, University of Turin, Italy

23 November 2007
Extreme Values Statistics for Markov Chains via the (pseudo-) Regenerative Method
Dr. Jessica Tressou, INRA-Metarisk and ISMT-HKUST

16 November 2007
Optimal Pricing of Services with Switching Costs
Professor Qian Liu, Department of Industrial Engineering and Logistics Management, HKUST

16 November 2007
Stability of Random Networks
Professor Fuzhou Gong, Institute of Applied Mathematics, AMSS, CAS

9 November 2007
A Kernel-type Estimator of the Intensity of a Double Periodic Poisson
Process Dr. I Wayan Mangku, Department of Mathematics, Bogor Agricultural University, Indonesia

24 October 2007
Improving Supply Chain Performance: Real-Time Demand Information and Responsive Deliveries
Professor Sean Zhou, Department of Systems Engineering and Engineering Management, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

22 October 2007
Mechanism Design for "Free" but "No Free Disposal" Services: The Economics of Personalization under Privacy Concerns
Professor Ramnath K Chellappa, Goizueta Business School, Emory University

20 October 2007
The New Generation of IT in a Global Bank
Mr. Raymond Cheng, Head of IT (HK), The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited

12 October 2007
Selected Topics in Robust Optimization: Modeling and Solving Stochastic Selected Topics in Robust Optimization: Modeling and Solving Stochastic
Professor Melvyn Sim, Department of Decision Science, National University of Singapore

28 September 2007
Impact of Sourcing Strategies on a Decentralized Assembly System
Professor Li Jiang, Department of Logistics, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

7 September 2007
Pair-copula Constructions of Multiple Dependence
Prof. Claudia Czado, Technische Universitaet Muenchen