27 June 2006
Free Trial or No Free Trial: Optimal Software Product Design with Network Externalities
Dr. Hsing Kenneth Cheng, University of Florida

26 June 2006
On Software Diversification, Correlated failures and Risk Management
Professor Ramayya Krishnan, Carnegie Mellon University

22 June 2006
Selecting Data Mining and Statistical Procedures in Scientific Research
Dr. Yonghong "Jade" Xu, The University of Memphis

19 June 2006
Role of Complementarities: Empirical Test of Agility in Manufacturing Firms, Complementarities between Supply Chain Processes and Information Technologies: The Impacts on Performance of Manufacturing Firms
Professor V. Sambamurthy, Michigan State University

12 June 2006
Powerful Choices: Variable and Tuning Constant Selection in Nonparametric Regression based on Power
Prof. Kjell A Doksum, University of Wisconsin, Medison

5 June 2006
Software Artifact Classification for Fault Inspections
Dr. Lianfen Qian, Florida Atlantic University

26 May 2006
Estimating the Intensity of a Cyclic Poisson Process in the Presence of Linear Trend
Professor Roelof Helmers, Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

25 May 2006
External Behaviour of Stochastic Volatility Models
Prof. Dr. Claudia Klüppelberg, Technische Universität München

23 May 2006
New Frontiers in Online Auctions Research: Results from a Research Agenda Enabled by Internet Data Collection
Dr. Paulo B. Goes, University of Connecticut

12 May 2006
Augmented GARCH Sequences
Professor Istvan Berkes, Graz University of Technology

12 May 2006
Effective Supply Capability and Stability in Supply Order Fulfillment
Professor John J. Liu, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

4 May 2006
Safeguarding the Promise of Production Outsourcing
Professor Andy A. Tsay, Santa Clara University

28 April 2006
Model Averaging Methods for Instrumental Variable Estimation
Prof. Ryo Okui, Dept of Economics, HKUST

7 April 2006
Estimating and Testing GARCH Processes when the Parameter is on a Boundary.
Dr. Jean-Michel Zakoian, Lille 3 University and CREST, France

24 March 2006
Market Efficiency, A Case Study of Hong Kong Racetrack Betting Market.
Prof. Ming Gao Gu, Dept of Statistics, CUHK

17 March 2006
Supply Chain Contracting under Asymmetric Information and Competition.
Mr. Shilu Tong, Dept of ISMT, HKUST

11 March 2006
From a 7-member Team to a Global Player: The Story of Hua Wei
Mr. Liu Nanjie, Senior Strategy Planner, HuaWei Technologies Co., Ltd.

22 February 2006
Network Effects and Herd Behavior in Open Standard Adoption: Evidence from Electronic Integration
Dr. Sean Xu, University of California, Irvine

15 February 2006
Influence of Effort, Accuracy, and Tradeoff Difficulty on User Acceptance of Recommendation Agents
Ms. Young Eun Lee, University of British Columbia

10 February 2006
Statistical Methods for Food Risk Assessment.
Dr. Jessica Tressou, Dept of ISMT, HKUST

8 February 2006
Understanding Price Rigidity, Price Points, and Price Adjustment Patterns in Internet-based Selling: A Massive Quasi-Experimental Data Mining Approach
Mr. Dongwon Lee, University of Minnesota

13 January 2006
Optimal Mix of Pricing Schemes for Information Goods
Prof. Vidyanand Choudhary, The Paul Merage School of Business, University of California, Irvine

10 January 2006
Finding Edgeworth Cycles in Online Advertising Auctions
Mr Michael Zhang, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Sloan School of Management


14 December 2005
Extending the Scope of Empirical Likelihood.
Prof. Ian McKeague, Columbia University

13 December 2005
A Newsvendor's Procurement Problem when Suppliers are Unreliable.
Prof. Nicholas Petruzzi, Dept of Business Administration, University of Illinois

10 December 2005
IBM Seminar Series, Seminar 3: Integrating Supply Chain across Hong Kong and China: ERP Enablement and Business Benefits
Mr. Gautam Bardoloi, Associate Partner, Asia Pacific Lead - IBM Asset Management Solution, IBM Business Consulting Services

9 December 2005
Tests for Nonlinear Cointegration.
Prof. In Choi, Dept of Economics, HKUST

3 December 2005
IBM Seminar Series, Seminar 2: The Specialized Enterprise: A Necessity for Chinese Firms to Compete
Mr. Steven Davidson, Partner, Asia Pacific Leader, Strategy and Change, IBM Business Consulting Services

30 November 2005
Berry-Esseen Type Bound for High Dimensional Approximation of Wilks' Lambda Distribution.
Prof. Vladimir V. Ulyanov, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics, Moscow State University

26 November 2005
IBM Seminar Series, Seminar 1: Change · Vitality · Growth
Mr. Timothy Cheung, General Manager, IBM China/Hong Kong Limited

25 November 2005
Least Absolute Deviation Estimation for Fractionally Integrated Autoregressive Moving Average Time Series Models with Conditional Heteroscedasticity.
Prof. Wai Keung Li, Dept of Statistics & Actuarial Science, The University of Hong Kong

4 November 2005
A Chain Multinomial Model for estimating Real Time Fatality Rate of a disease with Application to Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).
Prof. Paul Yip, The University of Hong Kong

20 October 2005
Industry Level Supplier-Driven IT Spillovers
Prof. June Cheng, School of Accounting and Finance, Hong Kong Polytechnic University

6 October 2005
An Empirical Analysis of Economic Returns to Open Source Participation
Prof. Il-Horn Hann, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

30 September 2005
Limiting Distributions of Non-central t-Statistics.
Prof. Qi-Man Shao, Dept of MATH, HKUST

20 September 2005
Delayed Product Introduction
Dr. Hui Kai Lung, National University of Singapore

14 September 2005
The Global Information Economy.
Prof. Uday Karmarkar, Anderson School of Management, UCLA

13 July 2005
The Ten Commandments for Determining Value-at-Risk.
Prof. Michael McAleer, Dept of Economics, University of Western Australia