18 June 2005
New Opportunities in Digital Broadcast
Dr. Stephen W.K Cheung, Executive VP, Orient Power Group

14 June 2005
Outsourcing and Coordination in Competitive Supply Chains.
Prof. Derek Atkins, University of British Columbia

10 June 2005
On a Semi-Parametric Test to Detect Associations Between Diseases and Candidae Genes Using Unrelated Individuals.
Prof. Shuanglin Zhang, Michigan Technological University

3 June 2005
Statistical and Computational Methods in Mapping Complex Disease Genes.
Prof. Shuanglin Zhang, Michigan Technological University

28 May 2005
How to roll out a PR campaign across different countries in Asia Pacific – a BlackBerry PR case study
Ms. Katie Lee, Public Relations Manager, Asia Pacific, Research in Motion (RIM)

13 May 2005
Structural Breaks and Diversification: The Impact of the 1997 Asian Financial Crisis on the Integration of Asia-Pacific Real Estate Markets.
Dr. Richard Gerlach, University of Newcastle

4 May 2005
Some Limit Results for Near Integrated Autoregressive Time Series.
Dr. Alexander Aue, University of Utah

4 May 2005
Some Recent Applications of the Poisson Process Partition Calculus.
Dr. Lancelot James, Dept of ISMT, HKUST

22 April 2005
Strong Laws for Generalized Absolute Lorenz Curves When Data are Stationary and Ergodic Sequences.
Prof. Roelof Helmers, CWI, Amsterdam, Netherlands

7 April 2005
On the Profitability of Firms in a Differentiated Industry
Professor Bing Jing, Stern School of Business, New York University

30 March 2005
Optimal Replenishment and Production Planning in Supply Chains with Option Contract and Uncertain Yield.
Mr. He Xu, Dept of ISMT, HKUST

18 March 2005
Self-weighted LAD Estimation for Infinite Variance Autoregressive Models.
Dr. Shi Qing Ling, Dept of MATH, HKUST

16 March 2005
Distributive Supply Chain Competition.
Mr. Deming Zhou, Anderson School of Management, UCLA

7 March 2005
Optimal Contracts in Continuous-Time Portfolio Delegation
Mr. Xuhu Wan, University of Southern California

5 March 2005
e-study case in Hong Kong: Octopus – Pride of Hong Kong
Mrs. Cindy Cheng, Sales and Marketing Director, Octopus Cards Limited

4 March 2005
An Old-New Family of Multivariate Distributions for Left Truncated and Right Censored Data.
Prof. Shulamith T Gross, The City U of NY & The National Science Foundation, Washington

28 February 2005
Bootstrap Confidence Intervals for Population Quantiles
Ms Yvonne H. S. Ho, The University of Hong Kong

18 February 2005
Tractable Likelihood Based Analysis of Integrated Ornstein-Uhlenbeck Stochastic Volatility Models in Financial Economics.
Dr. Lancelot James, Dept of ISMT, HKUST

7 February 2005
IT and Product Variety: Evidence from Panel Data
Mr Gordon Gao, University of Pennsylvania

26 January 2005
A Joint Analysis of Return Dynamics with Levy Jumps Using Stock and Option Prices
Ms. Cindy L. Yu, Cornell University

25 January 2005
An Empirical Investigation of “Everyday Low Price” (EDLP) Strategy in Electronic Markets
Mr. Raymond Sin, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

19 January 2005
On the Significance of Statistical Models for the Drift Function in Continuous Time Interest Rate Models
Mr. Myung Suk KIM, Texas A&M University

14 January 2005
Bayesian Nonparametric Methods for some Econometric Problems.
Mr. John W. Lau, Dept of ISMT, HKUST

13 January 2005
New Perspectives on the System Usage Construct
Mr. Andrew Burton-Jones, Georgia State University

13 January 2005
What Actually Happened to the Inventories of American Companies Between 1981 and 2000?
Prof. Hong Chen, Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business


3 December 2004
Residual Processes of GARCH Models and Their Applications.
Dr. Yu Hao, Dept of Statistics & Actuarial Sciences, The University of Western Ontario

20 November 2004
Telecommunications Trends in Asia-Pacific and the Development of Wireless Broadband
Dr. Tim Kelly, International Telecommunication Union

15 November 2004
Dynamic Inventory Planning for Perishable Products with Censored Demand Data.
Dr. Xiangwen Lu, Dept of IEEM, HKUST

13 November 2004
Creating the Device Networking Industry
Mr. Lawrence Chan, Corporate Vice President, Echelon Corporation

1 November 2004
Optimal Component Stocking Policy for Assemble-To-Order Systems with Leadtime-Dependent Component and Product Pricing.
Prof. Rick So, National University of Singapore

18 September 2004
3G is here TODAY
Mr. Ming Li, VP, Southeast Asia and Pacific, Qualcomm International

23 July 2004
Semi-parametric Inference for a Class of Varying Coefficient Models.
Prof. Douglas Simpson, Dept of Statistics, University of Illinois

20 July 2004
Privacy, Information Presentation, and Question Sequence
Prof. Kai-Lung Hui, Dept of Information Systems, National University of Singapore

16 July 2004
Automated Inference and Learning in Modelliing Financial Volatility.
Prof. Michael McAleer, Dept of Economics, University of Western Australia

10 July 2004
Product Innovation and Marketing Strategy in Mainland China
Mr. Samson Tam, Chairman and Co-founder, Group Sense (International) Limited, ("GSL")