29 June 2004
On the Viability of Everyday Low Pricing Online: Model and Analysis
Mr Raymond Sin, University of Southern California

11 June 2004
HCI Get-Together Workshop Dr. Ping Zhang, Syracuse University,
Dr. Mohamed Khalifa, City University of Hong Kong, Dr. Kai Lim, City University of Hong Kong, Prof. Kar Yan Tam, HKUST

9 June 2004
Information Sharing in Supply Chains with Competing Retailers. (MPhil Thesis Presentation)
Ms. Wu Mingxian Michel, Dept of ISMT, HKUST

4 June 2004
Replenishment Sequencing in a Supply Chain with Balanced Ordering.
Mr. Zhenghao Zhang, Dept of ISMT, HKUST

19 May 2004
Auctioning Supply Contracts
Professor Fangruo Chen, Graduate School of Business, Columbia University

16 April 2004
Optimal Policies for Replenishment and Product Substitution.
Mr. He Xu, Dept of ISMT, HKUST

17 March 2004
On Accuracy of Approximations for Multivariate Scale Mixtures in Statistical Applications.
Professor Vladimir Ulyanov, Dept of Mathematical Statistics, Moscow State University

16 March 2004
On Characterization and Stability Problems for Quadratic Forms.
Professor Vladimir Ulyanov, Dept of Mathematical Statistics, Moscow State University

9 March 2004
Communication, Participation, Collective Efficacy, and Performance in Distributed Groups
Miss Lu Jiang, Duke University

5 March 2004
Technology as an Organizational Change Vehicle: Impacts on Job Scope and Affective Job Outcomes
Prof Viswanath Venkatesh, Tyser Fellow, Associate Professor & Director of MBA Consulting, Department of Decision and Information Technologies, University of Maryland

24 February 2004
Status Seeking and the Design of Online Entertainment Communities
Mr De Liu, University of Texas at Austin

19 February 2004
The Effects of Organizational Capabilities on E-procurement Assimilation
Mr Seunghee Yu, Carnegie Mellon University

17 February 2004
Temporal Separation of Payments and Consumption in Online Payment Systems and Their Impact on Firm Strategies
Mr Ranjan Dutta, University of Texas at Austin


10 December 2003
Feedback Incentives in a Make-to-Order Beer Game Under Auto-correlated Demand.
Prof. John J. Liu, Logistics Department, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

24 October 2003
Direct Marketing: Privacy and Competition.
Prof. Kai-Lung Hui, Dept of Information Systems, National University of Singapore, and Prof. Ivan Png, Vice Provost for Graduate and Undergraduate Education, National University of Singapore

26 September 2003
Joint Pricing and Inventory Control in a Periodic-Review System: Optimality and Optimization of (s, S, p) Policy.
Dr. Frank Youhua Chen, Dept of Systems Eng. and Eng. Mgmt, Chinese University of Hong Kong

5 September 2003
Uniform Markov Renewal Theory and Ruin Probabilities in Markov Random Walks.
Dr. C D Fuh, Institute of Statistical Science, Academia Sinica, Taipei

4 July 2003
A Bayesian Approach to Left-censored Data: with Applications to Double Censoring Problems.
Dr. M W Ho, Dept of ISMT, HKUST