21 March 2003
Iterating the m out of n Bootstrap for Smooth Function Models with Null Derivatives.
Dr. Stephen M S Lee, Dept of Statistics & Actuarial Science, University of Hong Kong

20 March 2003
Privacy and Pricing Personal Information
Mr Jeevan Jaisingh, Purdue University

4 March 2003
Sustaining Voluntary Technical Support on the Net
Ms Jae Yun Moon, New York University

24 February 2003
Management and Valuation of Advertisement Supported Web Sites
Miss Jennifer Zhang, University of Rochester

10 February 2003
Neutral vs. Biased Marketplaces: A Comparison of Electronic B2B Marketplaces with Different Ownership Structures.
Mr Byungjoon Yoo, Carnegie Mellon University

28 January 2003
Mining the Web for Personalized and Specialized Information.
Mr Michael C L Chau, Department of Management Information Systems, Eller College of Business and Public Administration, The University of Arizona


3 December 2002
Revenue Management under Price and Seat Inventory competition.
Prof. Derek Atkins, The University of British Columbia

8 November 2002
Poisson Process Partition Calculus with Applications to Spatial (Bayesian) Statistical Models.
Prof. Lancelot James, Dept of ISMT, HKUST

25 October 2002
Asymptotic Theory for Estimating Change-Points in Time Series Models.
Prof. Shiqing Ling, Dept of Mathematics, HKUST

22 October 2002
P2P Markets and Pure Electronic Commerce.
Dr Ian MacInnes, Assistant Professor of Information Studies, Syracuse University, Syracuse, New York

21 October 2002
Web Services and Smart Marketplaces
Professor Andrew B Whinston, Director, Center for Research in Electronic Commerce, The University of Texas at Austin

4 October 2002
Structure and Asymptotic Theory for Multivariate Asymmetric Volatility: Empirical Evidence for Country Risk Ratings.
Prof. Michael McAleer, Dept of Economics, University of Western Australia

27 September 2002
Nonparametric Model Checks in Statistics.
Prof. Winfried Stute, Institute of Mathematics, University of Giessen, Germany

23 September 2002
Cycle Time Minimization in Custom Software Development Projects with Prototyping and Rework.
Prof. Scott Serich, Dept of ISMT, Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

12 September 2002
Information Technologies, Knowledge Diversity, and Firm Performance: An Exploratory Study.
Prof. Ting-Peng Liang, Professor of Information Systems at Chinese University of Hong Kong and Sun Yat-sen Chair Professor at National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan