On-going Funded Research Projects

Active Projects Funded by RGC General Research Fund

  • Admission Pricing for Public Hospital Emergency Department: From Practice to Theory
  • Car-pool Services for Ride-sharing Platforms
  • Competitive certifiers in online communities: An economic analysiss
  • Demand sensing, supplier competition, and forecast sharing with downstream firms
  • Facilitating the Success of Enterprise Systems' Implementations: The Roles of Informal and Formal Supportc
  • Feedback Adoption in Innovation Tournaments
  • Further Exploration of Interfaces between Bayesian Nonparametric Statistics and Combinatorial Stochastic Processes with Applications to Relational and Preferential Attachment Models
  • Hierarchical Bayesian Dynamic Network Modeling and its Applications to Finance, Information Systems and Education
  • Localization of International Websites, Online Advertising and Multicultural Individuals
  • Overcoming product adoption puzzle in developing economies via menu design
  • Statistical Inference of Large Factor Models
  • Statistical Learning for Personalized Investment
  • Synchronizing pricing and replenishment to serve forward-looking customers with lost sales
  • The Effectiveness of National Filtering Policies in Protecting Computer Systems: An Empirical Investigation
  • The Value of Group Decision-making in Managing Multi-Stage Projects
  • Threshold Effects in Reward-based Crowdfunding

Active Projects Funded by RGC - Early Career Scheme

  • Dynamic false discovery rate with application to sequential and spatial pattern detection
  • Love and Money: An Empirical Investigation of a Two-Sided Market Strategy in an Online Dating Platform
  • Robust Process Flexibility Designs under Minimax Regret