The Department offers two BBA degree programs for undergraduate students, one in Information Systems (IS) and the other in Operations Management (OM).

Both programs require students to take business foundation core courses, maths and language courses in the first year before taking 20 to 24 credits in specified courses in their specialization. They may then take free electives to broaden their perspectives. As an integral part of a holistic education, students will be further exposed to common core courses, which cover a wide spectrum of disciplines such as science and technology, social analysis, humanities, quantitative reasoning, etc. The minimum number of credits for graduation is 120 for both programs.

The BBA-IS program aims to train students to become management-oriented and technically proficient professionals, able to design, implement and manage IS innovations, to help businesses compete in a highly competitive knowledge economy. New courses are introduced on a continuous basis in close cooperation with major software companies such as Cisco, Microsoft and Oracle. Under a generous sponsorship from Microsoft, a Microsoft.Net Laboratory was set up with high-end PCs to support course delivery. In addition, many students are given the opportunity to join major enterprises as interns for one year to gain valuable practical working experience. Our final year students also enjoy the opportunities to apply their knowledge to real business issues in their final year projects for external companies. All these initiatives will strengthen their competitive edge in the job market. Our students also take part in the School's student exchange program, which has a network of over 80 renowned business schools around the world. Students will gain exposure to different cultures and learning environments, which help to sharpen their communication and interpersonal skills, and to cultivate a global vision among them.

Operations management deals with business processes that create value through the production of goods and services. Due to globalization and advances in information technology, the business environment has become very complex and highly dynamic. Effective operations management is essential for an organization to create a sustainable competitive advantage and prosper in such an environment. Faculty members of the Operations Management stream all have PhD degrees from the world's top universities and are committed to academic excellence in both research and teaching. The BBA-OM program provides students with international perspective, cutting-edge business knowledge and professional skills that are crucial for career success in business management. Courses cover different aspects of business operations including logistics, service management, quality, project management, enterprise resources planning and supply chain management. Graduates can pursue careers in diversified fields such as logistics, trading, management consulting, banking, financial services, manufacturing, retailing, telecommunication and government.