What are the admission requirements of BBA in Operations Management?

The basic selection criteria for First Major in Operations Management are C+ or above in ISOM 2700 Operations Management and C or above in your BCGA. For details, please refer to the Major Selection Exercise: http://undergrad.bm.ust.hk/academics/academic-planning/major-selections

Why Business Analytics Option in OM?

Business Analytics takes a data-driven approach for businesses to make better decisions through the use of quantitative and modeling tools to develop new business insights. Our Business Analytics option aims to nurture students in developing their skills and knowledge in four major areas: Decision modelling, Optimization, Statistics, and Technology.

What are the requirements of Business Analytics in OM?

You need to fulfill 2 core courses for OM, 2 capstone courses for business analytics option and 4 elective courses selected from a list of OM and statistics courses. For details, please refer to the following course list for business analytics option: <LINK>

How do I declare the Business Analytics Option?

Students who wish to declare Business Analytics option can do so in their FINAL term of study by completing an online application form and submit to bbaom@ust.hk before the deadline announced in each term.

Is it compulsory to take the Business Analytics Option?

Students may opt to graduate with or without an option. Students who take an option MUST complete all the requirements specified in addition to the major requirements.

Can I use ISOM 3360 to fulfil OM elective requirements?

The course is offered by IS program and CANNOT be counted as OM elective course.

If I am majoring in both IS and OM, can I use ISOM 3360 or ISOM 3900 to fulfil the program requirements of my additional major?

To graduate with an additional major, students admitted in 2015-16 or after must take all the requirements specified for that major, within which they must complete at least 20 single-counted credits. These 20 credits cannot be used to fulfill any other requirements for graduation except for the 120-credit degree requirement.

Students who are majoring in both IS & OM, AND opt for the Business Analytics Option offered by their 1st Major program, they should note that the option required courses (either ISOM 3360 (IS course) or ISOM 3900 (OM course)) CANNOT be reused to fulfil the additional major program requirements at the same time due to the “20 single-counted credits” rule for additional major as prescribed above. They have to take extra courses/credits for the additional major in order to fulfill such rule.

Where can I find more information about credit overloading?

A normal credit load per term is basically our recommended credit load per term. However, to give you the flexibility of managing your own study plans, you have the option to have credit overloads, provided you meet the following conditions: 

How to apply for credit transfer to HKUST after my exchange out in another university?

For information on the credit transfer policy for the exchange out program, please visit:

What courses are approved for credit transfer and what are the procedures for assessment of new courses?

Before taking a course elsewhere, you should visit the "Course Transfer" website: https://crtran.ust.hk/ to check the procedures and make sure that you take approved equivalent courses at the host institution. You should check the Course Equivalence Database for information on the transfer credits approved in the past.

If the course cannot be found in the database, you should seek pre-approval well in advance by submitting a course assessment form with relevant course details to ARR before the actual study.

How about questions regarding double major, SGA, CGA, and GGA calculations, etc.?

You may refer to the SBM UG Programs website to these commonly asked questions. http://undergrad.bm.ust.hk/academics/academic-planning/graduation-matters

I want to enroll in advanced ISOM courses, but some of them have prerequisite courses, and the prerequisite courses have course exclusions that I have taken before. Does that mean I can enroll in the advanced ISOM courses?

If you wish to enroll in courses which does not meet the prerequisite requirement, you may submit a "requisite waiver" approval request via SIS during course validation and enrollment period. the course offering department will consider your requests accordingly.

OM is not my first major, and I wish to enroll in ISOM courses. I am already on waitlists. I was wondering if an extra seat will be opened later?

Please keep your name on the waitlist because the actual enrollment and/or final quota might change from time to time. There is nothing much we can do at this point. If your name is on the waitlist, you will be enrolled once a seat is available for you.