Operations Management

Head/Chair Professor Prof Shaohui ZHENG imzheng@ust.hk
Wei Lun Foundation Professor of Business/Chair Professor Prof. Albert HA imayha@ust.hk
Professor Prof. Qing LI imqli@ust.hk
Professor Prof. Hongtao ZHANG imhzhang@ust.hk
Associate Professor Prof. Ying-Ju CHEN imchen@ust.hk
Associate Professor Prof. Ki Ling CHEUNG imcheung@ust.hk
Associate Professor Prof. Javad NASIRY nasiry@ust.hk
Associate Professor Prof. Man YU manyu@ust.hk
Associate Professor Emeritus/Adjunct Associate Professor Prof. Shu Ming NG imsmng@ust.hk
Assistant Professor Prof. Dongwook SHIN dwshin@ust.hk
Assistant Professor Prof. Bharadwaj KADIYALA bkadiyala@ust.hk
Assistant Professor Prof. Xuan WANG
Associate Professor of Business Education Prof. Ronald LAU rlau@ust.hk
Visiting Assistant Professor Prof. Suri GURUMURTHI imsuri@ust.hk


Chair Professor Prof. Inchi HU imichu@ust.hk
Professor Emeritus Prof. Albert Y LO imaylo@ust.hk
Professor Prof. Lancelot JAMES lancelot@ust.hk
Associate Professor Prof. Yingying LI yyli@ust.hk
Associate Professor Prof. Mike K P SO immkpso@ust.hk
Associate Professor Prof. Xuhu WAN imwan@ust.hk
Associate Professor Prof. Xinghua ZHENG xhzheng at ust.hk
Assistant Professor Prof. Lilun DU dulilun@ust.hk
Lecturer Dr. Baoqian PAN ismtpbq@ust.hk