ISACA Model Curriculum - FAQ

What is CISA? What is Curriculum Alignment? What is the difference?

CISA is a professional certification in the area of IS audit, control and security, while the ISACA Model Curriculum is an educational framework in the are of IS audit, control and security.

University study program which aligned with the ISACA Model Curriculum (like our BBA(IS) program) reflects the high standard of the program in the said above areas which links with CISA certification.

Who is eligible to enjoy the benefit?

BBA(IS) major or additional major students or graduates who have fulfilled the general BBA(IS) program requirements PLUS ISACA Model Curriculum course requirements are eligible to enjoy the benefit. Students or graduates of different intake year follow different course requirements. For details, please read the "Curriculum" page of this section.

What is the direct benefit of the curriculum alignment to students?

Students who have fulfilled the course requirements set in the Curriculum Alignment between BBA(IS) and ISACA Model Curriculum can waive 3-4 years off the 5-year requirements for obtaining the Certified Information Systems Auditor™ (CISA®) designation.

Is there any difference for major and additional major students in IS to enjoy the benefit?

Generally speaking, no. Both major and additional major students in IS are equally eligible to enjoy the benefit (conditions apply, please refer to question 2 above). But you are highly recommended to choose Information Systems as your major since you will find it easier to get a seat from those IS courses with very keen competition on the quota.

I graduated before the effective date of curriculum alignment, am I eligible to enjoy the benefit?

Although the effective date of this curriculum alignment was 10 January 2007, the benefit is retroactive. Normally students who are in Graduation Class 2006 or after can claim the benefit. For details please refer to "Curriculum" page of this section.

What is the procedure to claim the one-year experience waiver towards my CISA certification?

When you are going to apply for the CISA certification, just simply put a "tick" in the box regarding [3-4 years experience waiver for a university degree that enforces the ISACA sponsored Model Curricula.]

If I have joined the exchange program and did not take the required courses in HKUST but in the exchange school, am I still eligible to enjoy the benefit?

As long as the courses you have taken in the exchange school are the equivalent courses which listed in the ISACA Model Curriculum  course requirements, you are still eligible to enjoy the benefit.