ISACA® Model Curriculum

Apart from fulfilling the graduation requirement towards the degree of BBA (Information Systems) which has been laid down in the Program Catalog/Undergraduate Curriculum Handbook (curriculum may vary for each intake), students have to fulfill an extra set of ISOM-IS course requirements in order to enjoy the benefit from the curriculum alignment.

A brief summary of the comparison on the course requirements between the BBA(IS) curriculum with and without ISACA Model Curriculum alignment is shown in the table below. This requirement is applicable to both major and additional major students in IS.

ISOM-IS CoursesGeneral Req.ISACA Req.
ISOM 3210 - IS Analysis and Design          √          √
ISOM 3230 - Business Applications Programming          √          √
  or ISOM 3320 - Internet Applications Development          √          √
  or ISOM 3360 - Data Mining for Business Analytics          √          √
ISOM 3260 - Database Design and Administration          √          √
ISOM 3180 - Telecom. and Comp. Networking Mgt            √
ISOM 4300 - IS Control and Assurance            √
ISOM 4100 - IS Auditing            √
Minimum No. of Elective Courses 3 Courses
(10 Credits)
1 Course
(3 Credits)

In short, students who want to enjoy the benefits from the Curriculum Alignment have to take ISOM3180, ISOM4100 and ISOM4300  as your ISOM-IS elective courses in fulfilling the general IS graduation requirement. Other graduation requirements will remain unchanged.

** For those IS students in 2004/2005 intake or before, replace this course with at least 1 ISOM-IS course with 4 credits.


Equivalent courses

Here is the list included all equivalent / advanced courses (IS courses only) which can be used to substitute the required courses in ISACA Model Curriculum (General BBA(IS) requirement must be met).

Required CourseEquivalent / advanced courses
ISOM 223 ISOM 232
ISOM 235 ISOM 218
ISOM 219
ISMT 300T (Fall 2005-06) ISOM 350
ISOM 350 ISMT 300T (Fall 2005-06)