IS Academic Achievement Award

Award Recipients - 2019-20 

AU Wing Yin, Year 4

The IS major courses are well-designed which equip students with proficient and useful technical skills, such as VBA and SQL. Also, the curriculum enables students to prepare for the Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA) Exam which certainly helps students to have a fast track to pursue their networking career path in the future. Other than the course structure, the teaching styles are both informative and supportive. There are lectures, labs and tutorials with helpful professors and teaching assistants which aid students to have a clearer concept. Therefore, students with limited technical knowledge can easily catch up and excel in the future. There are several challenging projects in ISOM3230, ISOM3230 and ISOM3230, however, it certainly inspired students to think out of the box and utilize the knowledge learnt in class into actions. For example, I had to create a hotel booking system from scratch in ISOM3260, such as the database, interface and system logics. Though it is a hard time, it strengthened my understanding in SQL and nourished my problem-solving skills and team working abilities.

All in all, I believe choosing IS as my major is one of the best decisions I have ever made. It opened new opportunities for students to learn the latest technologies and develop communication skills via collaborating in projects.

TSE Tsz Wai, Year 4

With the increasing technology integration in business, equipping ourselves with data analysis and programming skills can absolutely help to make a difference. Courses offered by Information Systems strike a good balance between technology and business. I found the knowledge that I learned in courses on Excel VBA, data mining, web-based application development, python programming is highly applicable to tasks I received during my internships. And it exposed me to broader career opportunities. IS courses not only focusing on developing our technical skills, but they also trained up our logical thinking and analytical skills. Most of the IS projects emphasize on how to solve business problems and improve efficiency through utilizing tools we learned in class. The problem-solving mindset cultivated will benefit you in any field. Therefore, I would say IS is the major with unlimited possibilities and can go well with any majors in the business school.

WAN Chun Yu, Year 4

I am honoured to be a recipient of IS Academic Award. My study in the IS programme has been fruitful; not only does the IS programme equip me with technical skills, such as system designing and programming, but it also stresses the prominence of teamwork and effective communication. Professors of IS provides an abundant amount of support, both on academic and career, equipping me with valuable experience before graduating.

I believe joining the IS programme is the best decision I made in these years. IS courses require hard work and commitment, but it brings knowledge unattainable elsewhere; being a student helper of IS requires patience and care to fellow schoolmates, but it brings the intangibles such as effective communication skills; assisting in various research projects requires hours of reading, learning, and coding, but it brings worthy, industrial experience for my career. My experience in the IS programme prepares me to pursue my dream of being an entrepreneur, mainly by providing the technical knowledge and practical experience that I need. IS is the most beneficial programme to study for anyone interested in IT and business.

YIN Yuhan, Year 4

I have finished my IS program with both business analytics and information systems auditing options.

During learning R and SQL, I realized that I really enjoy coding and analytics. As megabytes of new data are created every second for every human in the world, we have stepped into a brand-new era when an increasing number of industries are confronted with a data-driven transition, demanding business analysts to capture and analyze mass data, as well as to generate invaluable insights for decision-makers. That’s why I decided to pursue further study in a Master's Program in Business Analytics after graduation.

Furnished with business acumen and quantitative foundation gained through IS program, I’m more prepared in job interviews as well as internships. What’s more, all professors, teacher assistants and officers are nice and helpful as they always reply to help you very quickly. IS major is definitely a great opportunity for us!

Sahiba AGARWAL, Year 3

My experience of studying IS, overall, has been a great one! All the courses I took were a perfect combination of theory and practical knowledge. I especially enjoyed the blended learning courses where we got to apply our knowledge from pre-class readings to actual real-world problems and cases. Apart from this, I think studying IS has significantly improved my teamwork and collaboration skills because almost all the courses I took involved a group project. Furthermore, since most of these projects mimicked a real-world IS project, I think they have helped me a lot in preparing for IS-related jobs in the future. Last but not the least, I felt that the IS department, as a whole, from professors and TAs to administrative staff were always willing to help out students and were quite prompt in answering our questions.

CEN Yonglin, Year 3

2020 have been a very special year. Even though this is such a difficult time, I am happy that I have obtained many positive learning experiences in UST. Lockdown around the world has made me realized that many businesses today are facing great challenges but also opportunities with technology. Courses that I have taken in information system have helped me to understand how business can be empowered by data and how system management can lead to the success or even failures of a company. These learning experiences really open my eyes to real-world business and to how knowledge makes us more capable.

CHAN Wing Nam, Year 3

When I first studied Information Systems, I always said that Information Systems is the bridge between business operations and information technology. Only when I completed more IS courses, I realised I was wrong. Information Systems is much more than that; it is a new currency in the ever-emerging market. Look at FinTech, E-commerce and media intelligence. These fields are growing exponentially in terms of their market value, and with the knowledge of system development from my major, I have gained a competitive edge over other candidates. In the era of digital transformation, companies are trying to catch up with Amazon and Google when it comes to creating a seamless website/app experience for customers. The ISOM3210 course inspired me a lot on how to stay simple and improve the digitalised experience for both primary or secondary users (when designing a new system).

I have also become more familiar with data analytics in my IS courses. Besides from learning about the machine models, I actually was given the opportunity to build them by myself with Python. For example, I built 3 to 4 supervised models to predict the employee churn rate, as well as gave workplace recommendations to reduce the turnover rate in my IS project. The experience allowed me to earn an internship position, as I easily proved my passion in technologies like machine learning and my analytical skills. Although my coding skills are not comparable with students with a Computer Science major, companies are looking for talents who know how to utilise data and systems to transform business successfully. Therefore, our business sense as a business student is a huge advantage. If you study Information Systems, I can assure you – the future is bright as countless opportunities await you.

CHEUNG Wing Long, Year 3

IS major is just like a tool kit providing me the necessary knowledge to survive in the business world. Nowadays, the best companies are data-driven for decision making. Meanwhile, when there is data, there is a need for learning information systems. IS major taught me a wide range of software, including Excel VBA and SQL, to better manage the data. I also learned to analyze and improve the effectiveness of an information system. It helped me to outshine other competitors when I was applying for an internship.

However, to me, IS was not merely a tool to find a well-paid job. It provides me the knowledge to make people a better life. Last semester, I participated in an IT ntrepreneurship course where I needed to transform a village in India into a smart village. I used my technical skills and business sense that I learned in IS courses to provide practical solutions. If you are a person who thinks big and dreams big, don't hesitate to choose IS as your first major!

LI Yi-Shan, Year 3

After three years of being an Information Systems Major, I would say I have certainly learned a lot from the courses I have took in IS. I found myself applied some of the concepts such as Big Data, Machine Learning and Business Programming skills not only during the projects in school, but also during my internship experiences. From the working experiences I had so far, they have reaffirmed me the importance of learning about technology and how it is applied in the business field. If you are interested in both technology and business, Information Systems is one of the amazing options that will help you stand out.

Elaine LIMAN, Year 3

Through the IS program, I have obtained basic programming skills that were useful in previous internships and will be useful as I seek graduate job opportunities. Beyond the hard skills I've learned over the course of my study, I've also obtained a general logical framework through which I can tackle unfamiliar problems. IS courses have also exposed me to new exciting technologies that have revolutionized entire industries. This has fueled my curiosity to think beyond the ordinary and continue to seek ways in which technology can continue to complement business processes and tasks.

LIU Yat Lam Ann, Year 3

I am grateful and honoured to receive the award again this year. I am majoring in both IS and Finance now and I have developed a deeper understanding of IS auditing and some basic programming concepts for business application developments. The IS curriculum is divided into 2 streams, one is the IS Auditing Option and the other is the Business Analytic Option. Students can choose either one or both depending on their interests and strengths. I took more courses about IS Auditing and have learned about the roles of IS Auditor, IT Risks, and Controls which would be beneficial for us to prepare for the CISA exam. If you are interested in coding, you could also learn Python, R, SQL, etc. for business analytic purposes. Therefore, I think that there is a prospective future for IS because it helps us to integrate with the digitalized world and equips us with technical skills to develop our future career.

YAU Kwan Ting, Year 3

First and foremost, I am very honoured to be one of the awardees this year. Thank you for all the academic resources and social support provided by the IS Department throughout my learning journey. Being the student representative in the HKUST 2019 Info Day ISOM live webinar was a fruitful experience. Not only did I receive loads of useful information from the faculty as an IS student, but I also shared my personal learning and internship experience with the prospective students. I am grateful for the opportunity to contribute.

During the academic year 2019-2020, I have taken the course ISOM 3210 Information Systems Analysis and Design. It is a great course allowing students to learn the fundamental of Information Systems. I understood business-IS alignment and how we can solve business problems using analytical IS development methodologies. I also developed some essential skills for career advancement. Moreover, the lectures were conducted in blended learning mode, which provided higher flexibility for students to absorb the knowledge in different forms and motivation for self-learning.

Lastly, if you are passionate about technology and business analysis, I encourage you all to major in Information Systems to learn practical knowledge in an interesting way.

CHAN Pak Tim, Year 2

First of all, I am honored for receiving this award this year. After a year studying in IS major, I realized choosing Information systems is the best decision. Data analytics plays a huge part in the business. By learning different analytics tools in IS major, working in related industry become easier for me. In this year, I learnt Excel VBA and Python which are the necessary language to facilitate my career. For example, VBA is a useful tool to finish daily routine. After I learn this language, I can deal with many paperwork without manpower. In addition, Python is another language for data analytics. For example, I learn how to build model that lead a better decision. I am confident to say that professors and resources helps me achieve what I want. I am thankful for the award again and I look forward to developing myself more in the future.

CHENG Lai Him, Year 2

This is my honour to be one of the awardees of IS Academic Achievement Award and I believe majoring in Information Systems is one of my best decisions made in the university. I have a great passion for Information Systems – I studied the required IS course before I get into this major. I do not regret this seemingly reckless decision as the IS program offers high-quality courses that can be applied to the business world. What the business world is currently demanding is solid technical and analytical skills and I am glad to see IS programs have offered a wide range of competitive, flexible and rewarding course to let me learn and grow. The knowledge of coding (Excel VBA) that I have learnt in an IS course has let me get an analyst internship offer during my summer semester.

I am thankful that IS department has given me a lot of support and I’ll seize the opportunity to recommend people who are enthusiastic to technology and information system to join the IS community and be a successful leader in the future.

CHENG Yin Hang, Year 2

Back in my year 2 when I had to choose my first major, I was actually uncertain about my career goal- what I really like and want to pursue. But then, I saw technology, stuff like Big Data, cryptocurrency and artifical intelligence as a big trend in the (business) world. That’s why I chose IS as my first major, hoping to acquire more knowledge about the technology and equip myself with more technical skills.

The first course that I took is ISOM3230, which is my first time Iearning programming language. It’s not as scary as I thought, as long as I practised more and tried hard to understand the logic behind the code. During the course, I found that I was quite interested in programming. The process of creating something new, visualizing ideas and overcoming challenges gave me a great sense of accomplishment.

Now, I’m taking two courses: ISOM3400 and ISOM3210. ISOM3400 is about learning Python for business analytics and it makes me more certain that I’m into programming, while ISOM3210 is about learning the development process of a system and drawing some standard diagrams for it. The interesting point is how concepts in different courses can be connected with each other, such as class, function and attributes. The connection can consolidate my understanding towards the concepts and make me easier to follow the course.

After all, I think IS is a very practical subject, not only allowing me to learn the technical skills, but also training me in logical thinking and cooperating with others to carry out a project. More importantly, I also gradually figure out my career direction and am currently working towards my goal, by taking the initiative to learn coding from online resources. I’m grateful to the decision I made in the major selection, as well as the IS department’s support to its students.

NG Hon Wa, Year 2

Studying in IS is indeed an invaluable experience for me, the department offers me numerous opportunities for both academic and career. For instance, I can get a taste of how to develop a and design business application via Excel VBA. Throughout the courses, there are many practices for me to reinforce my learning, such as building a food ordering system according to the input of users.

Besides the practical skill I acquired from the ISOM courses, I also developed a sense of understanding worldwide and how I can apply my knowledge to real life. I was an internship of a local foodbank and I really apply the technical and conceptual knowledge from what I have learnt, which boosts the efficiency and effectiveness in a great extent. Needlessly to say, the department also refers a lot of internship opportunities for students.

This is a challenging year for all of us, with the advancement of the Internet and technology, I sincerely believe that technology would be one of, if not the only solution for most of the social issue. IS equipped students and enable them to be a potential problem solver who could contribute to the society.

TSE Hoi Kei, Year 2

To be honest, never have I ever thought of choosing IS as my major as I am not the typical ‘IT’ person. Yet, I chose it since it is challenging and I think IS is indubitable the trend across different fields in the future. What makes IS so unique is that it integrates both conceptual and practical skills. Through lectures and tutorial sessions, you will know how to apply those concepts onto various business occasions, like business analysis as well as programming. Not only does IS train your problem solving skills, but it also brings technologies into the marketplace, which is what enterprises are craving for. Though I am still a newbie in IS, I hope I can unleash my full potential in this program. I am eager to learn more and be exposed to a whole new business world!

WONG Hor Kei, Year 2

If I were to describe my current IS learning journey with only two words, they would be fruitful and fascinating. I have learnt a lot and I do enjoy what I was learning.

In terms of course comprehensiveness, the IS programme offers a wide range of up-to-date courses covering a variety of domains like telecommunications, IS auditing, machine learning, and programming. Students are given high flexibility to choose among these courses according to their interests and career aspirations. This semester, as I would like to explore my potential capabilities and interests, I have taken four ISOM courses (ISOM 3180, ISOM 4300, ISOM 3360, and ISOM 3400) corresponding to each of the aforementioned four domains. All these courses demonstrate the broadness and depth of IS as well as its applications in real-life business settings.

Content-wise, the courses I have taken are intellectually interesting and fun. In one of my favorite courses, ISOM 3180, I have learnt the basics of networking, such as what MAC and IP address are, how routing works, and the data encapsulation process. I am constantly amazed during the lessons as before taking this course, I have never thought that telecommunication would be that intricate. Another course I want to highlight is ISOM 3400, which is about python programming. The hands-on tasks and assignments bring me joy (and tears during debugging). Whenever I solved a problem, especially a brain-wrecking one, I would be overwhelmed with a sense of achievement and motivation to absorb more programming knowledge. Throughout the course, I have not only gained technical coding skills but also enhanced my logical and analytical thinking.

All in all, I have had a rewarding time in the IS programme. In the coming two years, I am looking forward to proceeding further in my IS learning journey!

ZHANG Yulin, Year 2

Here I would love to express my gratitude for being able to study the IS program. We are living at the digital age and things evolve and become outdated rapidly. This must have created anxieties for many people, who are left with what they know about the past and the present, while millions of uncertainties are lying ahead. Frankly speaking, I used to be one of them who fear and resist uncertainties, until that day being granted the IS major, which had enriched me with the state-of-the-art business concepts including automation, data mining, and blockchain within the span of just one semester. This one semester with IS had been a leap forward for me, as from someone who tries to solve today’s problems using yesterday’s tools, now I am feeling empowered to explore and equip myself with some future weapons to solve problems and make headway at the age of digital transformation.

Award Recipients - 2018-19 

LEE Sze Wing, Year 4

As someone who enjoys problem solving, I love the wide variety of courses provided which allow me to acquire different skill sets. Technical skills such as SQL has helped me complete challenges during internship and has opened up many career opportunities for me. While the analytical and conceptual skills learned make me think differently, which applies not only to academic or job related problems, but those in my daily life as well. Data and technology play a more and more important role in different industries, and I am happy that I can have a better understanding of them through the IS program.

I am also thankful for the help offered by professors and teaching assistants. They are patient in answering questions, making my learning easier.

YAP Gracia Stephanie, Year 4

I chose IS as my first major as it trains my problem-solving and analytical skills, which are crucial for my future. The courses, complemented with computer lab session and/or team projects, focus on how to apply technology to solve real-life problems. Working with diverse classmates in group projects, I also learn to be a better team member and project manager. In addition, the courses encourage creativity, by allowing student to use different method to come up with solutions.

I have been applying my IS knowledge – both in start-up and corporate - in my role as: Online Marketing intern, Business Development intern, and Global Markets intern. While working, I focused on understanding the issues within the existing operations, came up with solutions, and utilized my programming skill when necessary. Last summer, I took the initiative to automate the foreign exchange daily updates for a bank’s corporate sales team, reducing their processing time from 1 hour to 8 minutes per day.

In other words, the technical and soft-skills gained are applicable in various career path. All in all, choosing IS has been a great decision for me.

LAM Yat Hei, Year 3

To me, IS is a well-designed major. It nurtures students to acquire knowledge and skills which are beneficial to career and personal development. As an IS student, I was required to take compulsory programming course on VBA. With lecture, in-class exercise, assignment and group project, it became quite easy for me to grasp the skill. Although VBA is considered as a programming language for beginner, it is practical and widely used in the business world. In the last summer internship, VBA helped me to enhance the efficiency of my work through automation of the process and I could feel a sense of achievement.

Many IS courses had group projects which aimed to solve problems and provide suggestions with IS knowledge. Through these projects, I gained the opportunity to apply what I have learnt in class to solve problems with different approaches. And at the same time this trained my research skills, presentation skills and problem-solving skills.

Professors and the staff in the IS department are nice and helpful. They are willing to answer students’ questions, even outside the classroom. IS department also provides good career support to students. Altogether, BBA-IS is really a choice with no regrets.

NG Tim Yan, Year 3

Firstly, I am pleased and honoured to receive this award again this year. Another year studying the BBA-IS program, frankly speaking, I am still uncertain about what am I really learning and so do my peers. Yet, I see the future in studying IS, especially at this moment when everyone in the society is fascinated with and passionate about technology.

Hence, to the new and old members of the IS community, embrace the feeling of uncertainty along the way. Don’t be afraid. Because at the end of the day, you will find yourself having an edge over the others with that hint of technical sense in mind.

YIN Yuhan, Year 3

I have chosen IS as my first major and I gained a lot after this 2-year study. ISOM department offers abundant courses so you can enroll in any elective that you are interested in. The most helpful part is that we have some professionally designed course sets, such as ISACA Model Curriculum Alignment and Cisco Networking Academy.

At the same time, IS department focuses on continuous program development and innovation. Many new courses, like Python Programming for Business Analytics, have been added to the curriculum, giving students more freedom to choose among different programming languages.

By taking IS courses, you can learn basic concepts in the class and apply them in the lab. During this process, we can equip ourselves with solid knowledge and analytical skills rather than simple memorization. And these skills you learned would be really helpful when you participate in academic researches or even in your internships.

YUE Man Him, Year 3

First of all, I am very much honoured and thankful for receiving this award again this year and I am glad that my efforts has been recognised. Some students might feel uncertain about what IS actually is, and afraid of their future career of studying IS. I have to admit that I got the same feeling when I first get into this major, until now. However, the IS department provides students with different ideas regarding career path. Courses designed for the CISA exam is one of the suggested path for IS auditing. Students could also apply for the two options in order to get more insight. Apart from that, courses offered by the IS department enhanced my problem-solving skills and become more critical. For example, one of the major required courses that I studied this year, ISOM 3210 required us to develop a web-based application. The project was really challenging, but allow me to have a better understanding of the fundamental requirements for developing a web or app. Other than that, professors and teacher assistants in the department are very helpful and caring that they are very willing to help in case of any difficulties. On the whole, choosing IS as my first major is really a great decision.

Sahiba AGARWAL, Year 2

I feel that choosing Information Systems as my first major has been one of the best decisions that I have ever made.

Right after the first two IS courses that I took, ISOM 3210 and ISOM 3230, I knew that I belonged in this major. Both these courses have been designed in a way that equips students with both hard skills and soft skills. For instance, learning and using Excel VBA to develop a game for an assignment in ISOM 3230, helped me to develop my problem-solving and analytical skills. On the other hand, working with a team to design a mobile application for a group project in ISOM 3210, helped me to develop some essential teamwork and presentation skills. As a business student, I feel there is often a tradeoff in terms of hard skills and soft skills among the different majors. However, Information Systems, has been a perfect combination of both and I am so glad to have chosen this major.

CEN Yonglin, Year 2

It has been a great experience for me to study in BBA-IS program. One of the most highlighted parts of this year was my discovery of the great opportunity for innovation in IS. I like art. It is a unique channel of expression and communication through creation. And to me, coding is art. Although IS coding is more for business, still, the process of creating a piece of work which requires a lot of analysis and thinking is fun to me. While I was developing a program for the assignment, I pictured a lot about how I could send out my messages to users through this program, and how they could receive those messages effectively and enjoy it without confusions. Of course, challenges and frustrations do exist. I have tried struggling for a run-time error for about 3 hours and it turned out that it was because of my typo mistakes. But, I have learned a lot along the way, and I am always open and exciting to new challenges ahead of me.

CHAN Wing Nam, Year 2

Information Systems was completely new to me when I first got into the university. It did not sound "business", hence I could not even imagine choosing it as my major.

However, I learnt the fundamental difference between IS and Information Technology after I studied ISOM2010, and came to the realisation that IS is the business application of technology. I have since then been fascinated by the innovative business mindset needed for IS. It is a subject equipping me with the ability to turn dreams into reality, or even change the world as I understand how to apply the technology smartly. Particularly, there is an obvious trend in big data and growth in financial technology. I can get prepared for the business world and embark on my unique career path.

With a change of mind, I am currently having IS as my 1st major and I can confidently say that I have made the right decision. IS courses always emphasise critical and analytical thinking, for example, determining the best user interface for kids. I can even create games and business applications with programming skills in assignments and group projects. Most importantly, IS professors always encourage students to try out new ideas and are very willing to answer enquiries. With the help of professors and a flexible course structure, IS is a practical subject in which you learn how to bridge between business and technology.

CHEUNG Wing Long, Year 2

Why I chose Information Systems as my first major

Great ideas always spring up to my mind. However, I don’t know how to bring them into reality most of the time due to the lack of technical skills. Information Systems provides me a stepping stone to carry out my ideas. Not only have I learned the basic programming language, but I also learned how to be a communicator between Businessmen and Programmers. After learning the course ISOM 3230, I am able to create a game(2048)! Although it is not a brand new idea, creating something on your own via coding really provides me a sense of accomplishment.

Information Systems is a course different from other business majors. It is practical and compatible. What I mean by compatible is that no matter which fields you want to pursue in the future, such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Programming, etc., there are always courses suitable for you. It also helps students to develop a set of problem-solving skills, in which you may learn to solve a complex problem by a step by step approach and to crack a case into smaller and simpler parts. The skill sets that I learned in Information Systems are of huge benefits for my career development and my personal growth.

LEUNG Shun Man, Year 2

My interest in Information Systems stems from the immense impact of technology on our lives. Seeing phrases such as “Big Data” and “Artificial Intelligence”, and hearing people on the news talk about how these new technologies will impact different industries sparked in my passion in learning more about what these phrases mean and how I can use them in my future career.

Having been an IS major for one semester now, I have two main takeaways:

First, majoring in IS has changed my mindset. Attending IS courses and going to events organized by the IS department has given me the opportunity to talk to professors & seniors, which really emphasized to me how quickly the world is changing and how much it is up to me to adapt to it. When I am exposed to a new phrase, my mindset before may have been “this is too technical for me”, but now it is “this is something I should understand, so how can I break it down into concepts that I already know?”.

Second, majoring in IS has made my problem-solving process more logical. One critical skill emphasized by the two IS courses I have taken are having a structured approach to problem-solving. For example, if your end goal is to launch an app, how do you break that down into concrete tasks that you can actually complete? This is something I have been learning throughout the course of the semester, and a skill I am applying to other areas of my life as well.

I am really thankful for the opportunities given to me by HKUST, and the IS department in particular, and I look forward to developing myself more throughout the remaining two years!

LI Yi-shan, Year 2

I joined HKUST as Information Systems major since year 1. As a current sophomore, I have taken several great IS major courses which have helped me develop solid knowledge in applying technology in business world. One of the major reason why I chose IS is that I enjoy both technology and business. The IS courses in UST provide me with lots of knowledge and hands-on experiences in the usage of technology in business fields such as data analytics, business application programming and so on.

IS department provides several technical courses such as Python, Excel VBA, SQL etc. to help student gain competitive advantages in the big data era. I believe it is a fantastic program for those who are passionate about both business and technology industry. I look forward to my future studies in the following years as an IS major.

LIU Yat Lam Ann, Year 2

The Information System Program of our school covers a wide range of IT management courses for us to choose from. Apart from the required courses and electives, there are two additional options, the Business Analytics Option as well as the Information Systems Auditing Option (aligned with the ISACA model curriculum) which incorporate us with the up-to-date analytical skills to pursue our future careers and professions. As a Year 2 student, I have so far taken 3 inspiring ISOM courses. With the guidance provided by professors and TAs, the course materials are not hard to follow for a total beginner in computer languages. Moreover, the blended-learning experiences offered in ISOM courses prepare me to apply the IS knowledge in the real business world. If you are interested in innovations and business intelligence, majoring in IS is certainly the right choice!

YAU Kwan Ting, Year 2

As the world advances into an era that emphasizes big data, there is a surge of students who are interested in studying Information System. However, choosing a major is never an easy decision to make. It hinges on one’s personal interest and ability, career prospects and even practical considerations for the future market demand.

Information System could definitely fulfil your expectations if you are a person looking for both fun and challenges. As one of the awardees, I would like to share my personal experiences.

ISOM 3180 is one of the IS electives that I am taking. The rich lecture contents and the practice of various useful commands in labs equipped me with useful skills required in Telecommunications and Computer Networking Management.

ISOM 3360, another course that I am taking, is also very rewarding to me. It is nothing but interesting and practical to learn about different data mining models for solving real-life business problems. We used Python as a programming tool to build and evaluate the models as well. As far as the course is highly challenging, coding could indeed be very demanding sometimes. To obtain accurate business, we also have to be familiar with most of the fundamental programming languages in the world. Therefore, self-directed learning outside classrooms is crucial. It is truly satisfying when I know that the code can run successfully.

I am confident to say that majoring in Information System will never be a decision that I regret in making.

Award Recipients - 2017-18 

LAW Tiffany Wing See, Year 4

What I enjoy most about IS is that it is not just about the technical skills, but more on how we apply them to solve different business problems. The broad choice of electives was great as we had the chance to explore different IS pathways that we are interested at. For myself, I was very interested in the power of data, so I took up the Business Analytics Option and other relevant electives. Studying IS has also opened up many career opportunities for me, given the trend of digital transformations across various industries. I really love the practicality and versatility of the knowledge learnt in this major, as it can be applied to various business settings.

LI Ka Wing Kendra, Year 4

As a student major in Information Systems, I acquired solid technical and analytical knowledge and trainings through the diverse courses offered. The flexibility in allowing students to take different options also enables us to maximize our potential and prepare us for entering the IS field. Also, I am particularly thankful to our faculty and teaching assistants who are always helpful and supportive to us.

IS Department is warm and encouraging which recognizes and rewards students with outstanding performance. This is what motivates me to continue to strive for betterment.

With the technological advancement and fast-growing data industry, I recommend all who are enthusiastic to join the IS community and be the future leader.

WAN Po Yi, Year 4

I found the skills and knowledge I learnt from IS courses were all applicable to the marketplace. When I worked in the Consulting Team in PricewaterhouseCoopers , the solid technique skills I acquired from classes (e.g VBA, SQL) indeed helped me to differentiate myself from other interns.

FAN Chung Man, Year 3

This is my honor to be one of the awardees of the IS Academic Achievement Award. I am glad that my effort has been recognized. Being an Information System student has given me not only the opportunities to study under the guidance of knowledgeable and inspirational professors but also offer me chances to meet people from the globe. Every IS course requires students to complete a group project. These projects let me experience how to cooperate and communicate with different students. For example, we have to create a stock analyzer through VBA from scratch or create an app in order to improve a company's efficiency. These tasks are demanding but rewarding. After completing the tasks, we could learn more about the information systems as well as know more about different business models in the Finance and Fashion industry etc. These experiences which equip us to prepare for future careers. I am really thankful for all the opportunities provided to me, from the IS department of HKUST.

KWAN Kristy, Year 3

I really enjoyed studying the courses provided by the ISOM department, especially the blended learning courses. They allowed me to have a better understanding on relevant concepts before attending the face-to-face lectures. Other than that, the professors and teaching assistants were very friendly and helpful. They always answered our questions promptly and clearly. My overall experience of studying BBA-IS has been very rewarding and I hope I can continue to learn more from the courses.

LI Po Jan Eugene, Year 3

With the world flooded by data and ever-changing technologies, students are one step ahead in the business world with knowledge in understanding systems and ability to generating insights from data. Studying BBA-IS is a rewarding journey to complement my skills and knowledge in this area. It provides me with the ability to speak both business language and technical language, being the person to bridge businesses and technologies. From conceptual skills to analyze business problems to technical skills in writing codes, the IS program is a full package to equip you for the IT business world. It unlocked many opportunities for me to join various events, works and internships that require technical knowledge. It is also much easier to work when you take advantage of using different programs and tools. Not only does the program itself provides the experience you needed to stand out from others, professors in the IS department are always here for you to consult. Whether you have a business idea or a career decision to make, they will offer you a hand to overcome the challenges. All in all, the IS program is where you learn and grow with the right skills that the business world is now desperate to have. You can shine bright and unleash your potential.

TSE Tsz Wai, Year 3

Majoring in Information Systems is one of the best choices I made in these three years. It has been a rewarding and enriching learning. The program is well-organized with the supports from the IS department, and at the same time, it offers a variety of electives for us to pursue our study according to our interests. The effectiveness of the blended learning approach adopts in part of the IS courses also amazed me. It helps us to get prepared before classes and the interactive lectures allow us to voice out questions and apply the content through in-class exercises. Apart from academic learning, students are encouraged to complete one year placement at the end of year 3. This is a great opportunity to equip ourselves with real working experience and enjoy an extra year experience waiver under the ISACA Model curriculum.

XIE Xinyi, Year 3

I chose information system as my major after I learnt that a specialisation in data analytics, an industry trend, is offered in this amazing program. Looking back the past year fully engaged in the program, it’s always delightful and reassuring to find myself having made the right decision.

One of my major concern as a student is always the courses.  IS program offers  up-to-date, high quality courses that are incomparable. I would like to share my experience of the ‘Business Application Programming’ I took as the foundation course for the program. It features a creatively designed course  structure that I found to be very beneficial. Familiarising myself with basic concepts and operations covered by the video lecture enabled me to grasp the ideas in class when the professor would be outlining the focuses of that section. Other forms of learning are also incorporated to ensure that students master the materials. As an introduction to programming, the design for the course suits its purpose impressively well, which has placed me in a much better position for advanced courses and hands-on application.

YAP Faye, Year 3

‘Information systems’ was a completely alien term to me at freshman year—never would I have imagined it as my major. Yet as I got to know more about it, I was intrigued by its capability and growing relevancy, and found myself excited to learn more about something I had such little knowledge of. I ended up choosing to do exactly that, but what I didn’t expect from my decision, was how wonderful the department that came with it would be. The feeling I get from the department is one that tries its best to support us, part of which is by aiming for constant and continual improvement. They are always asking for feedback and reviewing their course structure and content, as well as course offerings, to see if there is anything they could modify/add that would be more applicable and of better help. There is an earnestness in its teaching staff. Professors are enthusiastic and always approachable. TAs go the extra mile in assignments to make sure we understand, even if it means a lot more work for them. Staff are friendly and quick to reply. It does not feel like a mere cold exchange where we pay to be educated and they educate us; there is a feeling of genuine concern for us to do well, and I believe that is a very nice environment to be in while learning.

YAP Gracia Stephanie, Year 3

After taking Innovation & Technology Summer Intensive in Silicon Valley, I was determined to learn more about the application of technology. Therefore, I chose Information Systems as my first major.  One of the main advantage of learning IS courses is that they trained our problem-solving skills. The courses, complemented with computer lab session, require us to understand the basic concepts then apply them to daily-life cases. Therefore, it focuses on analytical and data-driven problem-solving skill instead of memorization of the exact knowledge taught. The frameworks learnt ease us for further learning.

The courses taught are really practical and applicable. I could apply the knowledge in both of my internship. During my time as Online Marketing Intern, the understanding of database could help accelerated the task completion. When I was a Business Development Intern, I initiated automating some tedious task like Inventory Management list with the basic programming skill I learnt. In other words, IS knowledge can be applied in different fields. All in all, choosing IS has been a great decision for me.

CHAN Pui Kei, Year 2

In an information society, it is essential to equip and apply IS knowledge in different fields. The IS program provides flexible and broad choices of electives to students, for example, IS auditing and security, Big Data and Business Analytics and Business Intelligence. The curriculum of the program keeps updating along with the technology change for students to adapt to the current business environment. Lacking prior computer knowledge from the secondary school will not be a concern if students plan to take IS major. The program requires IS students to take several fundamental courses which help them to acquire the technical and analytical skills and knowledge needed for the future development. The faculty members are supportive and willing to help when students have any concerns and difficulties. It is encouraged to gain a practical experience through a one-year internship. This allows students to be more familiar with the real-life working environment and fulfill a partial requirement to receive the professional qualification, Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA). With the trend of digital business community, it is recommended to study Information Systems for those who are interested in information technology and have the ambition to be the leader in the business world.

NG Tim Yan, Year 2

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude and thankfulness to the IS department for awarding me the scholarship. Since I am selected as one of the award receivers, I thought I may share a few words with students who are considering Information Systems (IS) as their major.

As a business student, it is always safe to pursue traditional business fields, like Accounting and Marketing. This applies to me as well until I took ISOM2010 in 2017 Fall, where I was first introduced to the technical side of the business world. ISOM2010 is an introduction course to IS, tailored mainly for freshmen. It provides a broad view of what and how emerging technologies are being used by firms, slowly guiding students to discover their topics of interest and work out a project at the end. With the comprehensive knowledge imparted in the classes as well as the hands-on experience during the project, the course provides the perfect opportunity for students to analyse whether Information Systems is suitable and interesting to them. Hence, I highly suggest students who are hesitating about their choices to pay extra attention to this course.

It always happens that people get confused about the future of studying Information Systems as it is somehow a combination of Business and Computer Science. Hence, some students may worry that they may be perceived as less competitive or less professional in the market. Yet, the demand for individuals speaking both languages (i.e. business and engineering) is on the rise as technology continues to play an important role in businesses. Firms would be more than happy to have you communicating and aligning the business and engineering goals within the company.

In a nutshell, I would say picking Information Systems may be a risky choice in certain ways, but it definitely pays off at the end. Not to mention, our professors are all friendly and helpful. They are always there to help and give advice if you are in trouble. I hope this short sharing helps and I also hope to see you in our department soon!

YIN Yuhan, Year 2

The Information Systems Program contains various aspects such as information systems auditing, business analysis, programming languages, database design, telecommunications, etc. You can choose any option or elective that you are interested in. After joining the IS program, I have taken three major courses. Comprehending and practice are necessary for IS courses. Both professors and TAs are very kind and you can always find them for help. With the huge trend of Big Data, IS is becoming more and more important and widely used in our daily life. Unlike the computer science, we will not focus on programming but data analysis and decision-making. There is a need for IS talents in the current market and it’s time for us to seize this opportunity!

YUE Man Him, Year 2

As a Year 2 student, it was the first time that I dug into IS courses. So far, I have taken ISOM 3230. As one of the core parts of study throughout the program is to learn various programming languages, generally, I think that ISOM 3230 could help students to build up a good fundamental programming backgrounds by using Excel VBA language. A worth-noted point of the course design was the application of blended learning; which split the course into half lecture, half online video. This allowed students to have more time for their own research and practice on the programming language. Besides, the IS department provided some support to students which was useful, especially for students with less understanding of the IS program. Apart from different internship opportunities, the department also assigned a major advisor for each student. Students could easily seek help and get advice on IS related fields, such as their career plans or the CISA exam. However, students are also required to make preparations and plan well for their studies as well as to take the initiative to ask questions.