UG Courses offered in Summer 2020-2021 (Information Systems)

ISOM 1380 Technology and Innovation: Social and Business Perspectives3 Credits

This course describes the development of technology and innovation from social and business perspectives. It covers the technology side of innovations, how an invention can be developed into a successful commercial product, the role of innovation in society and how innovations are created from a socioeconomic perspective. It highlights that successful development and adoption of innovative products relies not only on the technology itself but also a complex process that is subject to the impact of cultural, political, economic and managerial factors.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemark
Prof. Se-Joon HONG

Tue, Thu & Fri 0900-1220 (L1)
** 23 Jul (Fri): 0900-1250

02 Jul – 27 Jul 2021 Add/Drop Deadline: 07 Jul 2020
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Common Core (SA special list) for 10&11 3Y programs
Common Core (SA) for 2012 3Y programs
Common Core (SSC-SA) for 4Y programs
Common Core (SA) for 4Y programs

ISOM 3000E Digital Business Strategy: Harnessing Platform, Crowd, and Machine3 Credits

This course is designed for students who want a broad understanding of the opportunities and challenges presented by the modern digital revolution. Students will survey examples of digital platforms powered by technology and crowds, and learn the fundamental principles behind the platform innovation and disruption of today and tomorrow. Students will learn through lectures, case discussion, simulation game, quizzes, and a group project.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemark
Prof. Yongsuk KIM Tue, Thu & Sat 0900-1220 (L1)
** 24 Jul (Sat): 0900-1250
03 Jul – 27 Jul 2021 Add/Drop Deadline: 7 Jul 2021

ISOM 3310 e-Business Management and Web Analytics3 Credits

This course introduces the fundamental concepts and technologies of e-commerce and e-business management. Topics include e-business models, e-business infrastructure, e-security, e-marketing, e-payment methods, web development, web analytics, and social media analytics.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemark
Prof. Jack TEH Mon, Wed & Fri 0900-1220 (L1)
** 23 Jul (Fri): 0900-1250
02 Jul – 26 Jul 2021 Add/Drop Deadline: 06 Jul 2021

ISOM 3400 Python Programming for Business Analytics3 Credits

This course introduces programing concepts and applications with Python programming language. The applications are mainly in the domain of business analytics. The course covers topics including general programming concepts, object-oriented design, and external Python packages for data manipulation, visualization and analytics.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemark
Mr. Jiali Zhou

Tue, Thu & Sat 1400-1720 (L1)
** 24 Jul (Sat): 1400-1750
Tue, Thu & Sat 1730-1820 (LA1)
** 24 Jul (Sat): 1800-1850

03 Jul – 27 Jul 2021 Add/Drop Deadline: 07 Jul 2021