Postgraduate Courses - Operations Management Only

ISOM 5510 Data Analysis[2-0-0:2]

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 551, ISMT 551] Covers various discrete and continuous probability models and their applications in business problems, estimation and testing of hypotheses, simple and multiple linear regression analysis. This is a core course for MBA. Exclusion(s): IMBA 5100, ISOM 5520

ISOM 5520 Statistics for Financial Analysis[2-0-0:2]

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 552, ISMT 552] Application of various statistical concepts to investment and financial decisions including descriptive statistics, discrete and continuous probability distributions, sampling and estimation, hypothesis testing, correlation, and regression. Exclusion(s): ISOM 5510

ISOM 5535 High Dimensional Statistics with Business Applications[2-0-0:2]

This course presents classical and modern approaches for analyzing multivariate and high dimensional data, including principal components, factor analysis, discriminant analysis, clustering, new developments on dimension reduction, large-scale covariance matrix estimation and multiple testing. All of these approaches will be covered in the context of Marketing, Finance and other important business decisions. Computational issues for both traditional and new methodologies will also be discussed.  Prerequisite(s): ISOM 5510

ISOM 5540 Introduction to Probability[3-0-0:3]

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 581, ISMT 581] Axioms of probability, conditional probability and independence, permutations and combinations, density and distribution functions, examples of random variables, independence of random variables, transformations of random variables, order statistics, expected value, variance, higher moments; Chebychev's inequality, convergence concepts, moment generating functions, central limit theorem. Graded Pass or Fail. Exclusion(s): MATH 2421 Background: Calculus and some knowledge of linear algebra.

ISOM 5550 Statistical Methods for Business and Economics I[3-0-0:3]

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 582, ISMT 582] Properties of a random sample, sufficient statistics. Point and interval estimation, hypothesis testing, optimality of estimators and tests, linear regression and analysis of variance. Exclusion(s): MATH 5431 Background: Calculus and some knowledge of linear algebra.

ISOM 5560 Statistical Methods for Business and Economics II[3-0-0:3]

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 583, ISMT 583] Topics include multicollinearity, dummy variables, stepwise and all-possible regression, and logistic regression, with emphasis on analyzing and modeling business data using statistical softwares. Introduction to multivariate regression. Exclusion(s): ISOM 5520, MATH 3424 Prerequisite(s): ISOM 5550

ISOM 5610 Introduction to Business Analytics[2-0-0:2]

This course describes multiple regression method and its variants as exploratory and predictive models for fact-based management and data-driven decision making. The course adopts case-based approach. Prerequisite(s): ISOM 5510

ISOM 5620 Visual Analytics for Business Decisions[2-0-0:2]

This course focuses on various visualization analysis tools for business decisions. Making good use of visual analytics helps summarize and analyze large amount of data effectively. In this course, the topics like visualization framework, visual analytics for spatial, temporal, network and textual data, and dynamic visualization will be included. Reporting visualization results for business decisions will also be discussed.

ISOM 5630 Business Analytics in R[2-0-0:2]

The course intends to introduce students to modern data analysis using R, with an emphasis on business, in particular, financial applications. Main topics to be covered include data exploration methods, regression analysis and time series analysis. Prerequisite(s): ISOM 5510

ISOM 5640 Social Media and Network Analysis[2-0-0:2]

The course presents concepts of social media and networks, methods and techniques to explore and analyze the data crawled from social media and network, and business application of data mining of social network. All these will be discussed in the context of finance and marketing. Python is the unique programming language for all cases and projects. Prerequisite(s): ISOM 5510

ISOM 5700 Operations Management[2-0-0:2]

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 561, ISMT 561] Introduction to management of business processes that produce goods or services: topics include operations strategy, process analysis, queuing systems, inventory management, quality management, process improvement and other important issues. Exclusion(s): IELM 5170, IMBA 5110, MTMC 507 (prior to 2010-11)

ISOM 5701 Operations Analytics[2-0-0:2]

This course focuses on the critical issues in the design, production and delivery of tangible goods as well as intangible goods in the business world. Topics include process analysis, capacity and bottleneck issues, waiting time management, inventory management, quality management, lean systems, supply chain management and e-commerce. Quantitative and qualitative tools will be taught to analyze the problems and create innovative solutions.

ISOM 5710 Quality Management[2-0-0:2]

Concepts and strategic importance of quality, organizational aspects, total quality management, six sigma quality, quality and productivity improvement programs, quality costs and economics. Applications in industrial and service sectors. Exclusion(s): IEDA 5310 (prior to 2015-16) Prerequisite(s): ISOM 5700

ISOM 5720 ERP and Enterprise Systems Management[2-0-0:2]

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 564, ISMT 564] Concepts and practices of enterprise resource management; enterprise resource planning systems and applications, integrated systems approach to managing major business processes, business information reports and analyses. Exclusion(s): ISOM 4740, ISMT 669J (prior to 2005-06)

ISOM 5730 Global Supply Chain Management[2-0-0:2]

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 567, ISMT 567, ISMT 669G] Supply chain uncertainty and market fluctuation, information distortion and visibility, supply chain coordination and integration, supply chain incentives, flexibility, and design for supply chain management, supply chain strategies. Exclusion(s): EEMT 5300 Prerequisite(s): ISOM 5700

ISOM 5740 Managing Financial Services Operations[2-0-0:2]

This course focuses on the products and processes in the financial industries. It analyzes and evaluates the designs and performances of the internal operations and the different distribution channels of the financial institutions, and identifies opportunities for  continuous improvement in productivity and efficiency. It also covers the issues of quality control and operational risk management, the application of IT in the industry. It will also discuss the automation/outsourcing of the financial operations for non-financial institutions to improve the financial performance and risk management in the supply chain. Prerequisite(s): ISOM 5700

ISOM 5750 Demand and Revenue Management[2-0-0:2]

This course covers the tools and principles in tactical pricing and product availability allocation. Topics include price optimization, market segmentation, quantitative models of consumer demand, dynamic pricing, network revenue management, customized pricing, and behavioral issues in revenue management. Exclusion(s): ISOM 5810 Prerequisite(s): ISOM 5700

ISOM 5760 Operational Mindset - Key to Maximizing Career Potential[1-0-0:1]

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 6790B] One of the most noticeable gaps in any aspiring leaders as they climb the corporate ladder is the inability to translate strategies into action. In fact, the absence of an operational mindset prevents many from maximizing their potential. This course offers a strategic yet pragmatic peek into the challenges of the corporate world, and demonstrates how an operational mindset is the key to making things happen and getting things done.

ISOM 5770 Business Project Management[2-0-0:2]

This course covers basic principles and practices of project management. Special emphases are on project planning, scheduling, and control while addressing both the technical and the social aspects of managing business projects. Exclusion(s): ISOM 5460, MIMT5350

ISOM 5780 Global Operations Strategy[2-0-0:2]

This course covers topics in aligning strategy to operations, especially in a global context; the impact of operations have on the financial performance of a company, basic casual modeling of strategic operations impact on industrial organizations, the value creation in value chain process and its implication to the operations strategy of an organization. Prerequisite(s): ISOM 5700

ISOM 5800 Business Modeling[1-0-0:1]

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 580, ISOM 669B, MGMT 650F] This course is open to all MBA students who need to utilize spreadsheets to create and analyze business models for decision making and/or managerial insights. Practical exercises and case studies are used to illustrate the concepts and practices of business modeling and to build competency in using spreadsheets for advanced applications. Graded P or F.

ISOM 5810 Business Modelling Optimization[2-0-0:2]

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 571, ISMT 571, ISMT 669I] The science and technology of informed decision making with focus on optimizing business processes. Spreadsheet decision modeling in Excel used throughout. Emphasis on problem formulation, spreadsheet-based solution methods, and managerial insights. Applications to managerial decision problems in diverse industries and functional areas including finance and accounting, human resource, marketing, and operations. Exclusion(s): ISOM 5800

ISOM 5820 OM Best Practices[2-0-0:2]

Students shall study 12 applications in OM that  have been judged by peers as being amongst the best in recent years. They will try to understand what the problem was, how it was addressed, how it worked out and attempt to learn what marked it as a success and how portable the practice can be. The principal purpose is to expose students to a wide range of good case histories in order to enhance their repertoire and experience in OM. Corequisites(s): ISOM 5700 OR ISOM5810

ISOM 5830 Simulation for Risk and Operations Analysis[2-0-0:2]

The course covers basic principles and approaches of computer simulation, and introduce Monte Carlo simulations with Excel and @risk, and discrete event simulation with Arena, focusing on their applications in solving business and operation problems.

ISOM 6590 Special Topics in Statistics[1-4 credit(s)]

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 659, ISMT 659] Advanced topics of current interest in statistics.

ISOM 6670 Special Topics in Business Analytics[1-4 credit(s)]

This course covers selected topics in business analytics. Topics vary with recent interest, market emphasis and latest advancement.

ISOM 6680 Business Analytics Practicum[1-4 credit(s)]

This course provides students practical experience in business analytics through independent study, business case analysis or company project, under the supervision of faculty members. For company projects, a collaborative company will be involved to sponsor real business problems for students to apply their business analytics knowledge.

ISOM 6690 Independent Study in Statistics[1-4 credit(s)]

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 697] Study of selected topics in Statistics under the supervision of a faculty member. This course may be repeated for credit. (Special permission from the Associate Dean is required for MBA students to take this course.)

ISOM 6790 Special Topics in Operations Management[1-4 credit(s)]

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 669, ISMT 669] Advanced topics in operations and technology management. Topics vary with recent developments and current interest.

ISOM 6880 Project Study[2 credits]

This course offers a unique opportunity for the students to participate in real business projects and to apply what they have learned in other courses in solving business problems. Student teams will work under faculty supervision to solve global operations management related problems and identify improvement opportunities for both service and manufacturing businesses. They will also gain practical experience in planning and executing a real business project. Prerequisite(s): ISOM 5700

ISOM 6890 Independent Study in Operations Management[1-4 credit(s)]

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 694] Study of selected topics in Operations Management under the supervision of a faculty member. This course may be repeated for credit. (Special permission from the Associate Dean is required for MBA students to take this course.)

ISOM 6990 MPhil Thesis Research

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 699, ISMT 699] Master's thesis research supervised by a faculty member. A successful defense of the thesis leads to the grade Pass. No course credit is assigned.

ISOM 7500 OM Doctoral Seminar[1-4 credit(s)]

Presentation  and discussions of current research topics in Operations Management for doctoral students.

ISOM 7990 Doctoral Thesis Research

[Previous Course Code(s): ISOM 799, ISMT 799] Original and independent doctoral thesis research. A successful defense of the thesis leads to the grade Pass. No course credit is assigned.


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