PG Courses offered in Winter 2020-2021 (Information Systems)

ISOM 5020 Information and Technology Management 2 Credits

A general manager's perspective on the strategic roles of information and technology in companies, overview of enabling technologies, how information systems are developed and managed, and how to make technology management decisions.                   

ExclusionsInstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
IMBA 5120, ISOM 5100

Prof. Jeevan JAISINGH

9 Jan & 23 Jan Sat
0930-1250 & 1430-1750 (L1)
10 Jan & 24 Jan
0900-1220 & 1400-1720 (L1)

9-10 Jan & 23-24 Jan 2021

For MBA (Bi-weekly) students only

9 Jan 2021

ISOM 5220 FinTech Regulation and Compliance 2 Credits

This course provides students with frameworks, concepts, and background to understand the role of regulation, compliance and assurance in FinTech markets from both technology and business perspectives. The course will also examine the perspectives of government officials, investors, managers, and consumers in how they benefit from, guide, and influence the evolution of regulation and associated compliance activities.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline

Prof. Theodore CLARK

Sat 0930-1250 & 1430-1750 (L1) Rm G003, LSK Building
2 - 23 Jan 2021

For MSc(ISM) students only

6 Jan 2021

ISOM 5370 Technology and Innovation Management 2 Credits

Technology and innovation management (TIM) plays an important role in enhancing the competitiveness of firms, industries, and even nations.  This course provides a comprehensive introduction to TIM from strategic perspectives and addresses key issues such as technology and innovation decision making, open innovation system, lead user innovation, intellectual property portfolio management, and national innovation system.  Specifically, it will highlight how technology can facilitate corporate innovation.  Students will obtain basic skills in formulating TIM-based competitive strategies.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline

Prof. Yongsuk KIM

Tue & Thu 1400-1720 (L1)
5 - 28 Jan 2021

For MSc(ISM) students only

6 Jan 2021