PG Courses offered in Spring 2020-2021 (Information Systems)

ISOM 5020 IS Enrichment Workshops  0 Credit

A series of workshops will be offered to develop students’ essential business skills and knowledge especially in Information Systems Management field. Different seasoned speakers or practitioners will be invited in this course. No assignment and exam will be needed. Students are expected to attend regularly in accordance with the course requirements. Graded PP, P or F.

InstructorDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline

Prof. Theodore CLARK

30 Jan - 29 May 2021

For MSc(ISM) students only

5 Feb 2021

ISOM 5020 Information and Technology Management 2 Credits

A general manager's perspective on the strategic roles of information and technology in companies, overview of enabling technologies, how information systems are developed and managed, and how to make technology management decisions. 

ExclusionInstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
IMBA 5120, ISOM 5100

Prof. Jeevan JAISINGH

Tue 0930-1250
30 Mar - 6 Apr & 20 Apr - 25 May 2021

For FT MBA students only

5 Apr 2021

ISOM 5130 Outsourcing Management 2 Credits

This course examines the phenomenon of business process outsourcing that are enabled by technological innovations. Topics include the benefits and risks of outsourcing, management challenges associated with outsourcing, effective vendor management, and techniques for managing outsourcing activities and risks. 

InstructorClass HoursDurationClass AttributesRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Theodore CLARK Sat 0900-1220 – Rm G003, LSK Building  30 Jan - 6 Feb & 20 Feb - 27 Mar 2021

Blended Learning

For MSc(ISM); MBA and MBA Exchange students only

5 Feb 2021

ISOM 5170 Big Data Technologies 2 Credits

This course introduces the emerging technological paradigm for managing "big data". Topics covered include a range of big data technologies, such as HDFS, MapReduce, Spark, Hive, Pig, etc.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Jia JIA Thu 1900-2220
8 Apr - 27 May 2021
For MBA; MBA Exchange and MSc(BA) students only 12 Apr 2021

ISOM 5200 Protecting Business Innovations 2 Credits

This course addresses legal issues from a managerial perspective related to business process innovations, patent law, copyright law, and trademark laws.  Topics related to international issues and challenges arising from new business models and innovative processes, including but not limited to discussions of legal issues associated with electronic commerce and internationally integrated supply-chain logistics processes.  No legal training or background is required.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Theodore CLARK Wed 1900-2150
Sun 1600-1850 (30 May) 

7 Apr - 12 May, 26 May & 30 May 2021

For MSc(ISM); MBA and MBA Exchange students only 12 Apr 2021

ISOM 5220 FinTech Regulation and Compliance 2 Credits

This course provides students with frameworks, concepts, and background to understand the role of regulation, compliance and assurance in FinTech markets from both technology and business perspectives. The course will also examine the perspectives of government officials, investors, managers, and consumers in how they benefit from, guide, and influence the evolution of regulation and associated compliance activities.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Percy DIAS
Sat 1400-1720

30 Jan - 6 Feb, 20 Feb - 27 Feb & 6 Mar - 27 Mar 2021

For MSc(FinTech) students only 6 Feb 2021

ISOM 5230 Privacy Management in the Digital Age2 Credits

This course provides an overview of privacy management in the digital age. It covers the fundamental concepts and dimensions of privacy, the regulatory requirements, and various management tools to comply with data protection laws and meet public expectation. Through the analysis of privacy impacts on a number of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud, data analytics and their applications, students may learn how to respect individuals’ privacy when applying technologies.                            

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Henry CHANG Sat 0900-1220
10 Apr - 29 May 2021 For MSc(ISM); MBA and MBA Exchange students only 12 Apr 2021

ISOM 5240 Deep Learning Business Applications with Python2 Credits

Deep Learning (DL) is a promising way for developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. It is exceptionally useful for training a large amount of unstructured historical datasets, and predicting the most-likely outputs. DL can be applied in many business areas such as finance, marketing, customer services, information security and so on, and most importantly DL can outperform existing non-AI systems due to the nature of neural networks. This course intends to introduce Python programming language for developing DL business applications. Students will apply knowledge in current and future trends of DL to design DL business applications.                 

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. James KWOK Tue 1400-1720 – Rm 2001, LSK Building 2 Feb - 9 Feb & 23 Feb - 30 Mar 2021
For MSc(ISM) students only 5 Feb 2021

ISOM 5250 Business Modeling with VBA2 Credits

This course introduces students to business application modeling using Visual Basic Applications (VBA) in Excel. Students will learn to develop applications in different business areas, including finance, marketing, technology operations, etc. Essential features of VBA needed for application development will be introduced as part of the course and hence no prior experience with VBA is needed. Emphasis is on extensive hands-on problem solving. 

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. James KWOK Wed 1900-2220 (L1) – Rm 1005, LSK Building
Thu 1400-1720 (L2)
L1: 3 Feb - 24 Mar 2021
L2: 8 Apr - 27 May 2021
L1: For MBA; MBA Exchange and MSc(BA) students only
L2: For MSc(ISM) students only
L1: 4 Feb 2021
L2: 12 Apr 2021

ISOM 5270 Big Data Analytics2 Credits

Data plays an increasingly important role in business decision making. This course introduces the key concepts and applications of business analytics in the world of Big Data. Example business problems to be solved analytically include customer relationship management, financial trading, social media marketing, search engine strategy, etc. Hands-on experience with popular data analytical tools will be included.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline

Prof. Terrance FUNG (L1)
Prof. Chao HE (L2)
Prof. Jing WANG (L3)


Sat 0930-1250 (L1)
Thu 1800-2120 (L2)
Sat 1400-1730 (L3)

L1: 10 Apr - 29 May 2021
L2: 4 Feb & 18 Feb - 1 Apr 2021
L3: 10 Apr - 29 May 2021
L1: For MSc(ACCT) students only
L2: For MSc(GO) students only
L3: For MSc(BA) students only

L1: 12 Apr 2021
L2: 8 Feb 2021
L3: 12 Apr 2021

ISOM 5130 Transforming Business with Artificial Intelligence2 Credits

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) becomes an emerging trend in various business areas and industries, as its power to transform operations, customer experiences, and management is exponential. Harnessing AI’s potential for competitive performance requires a new type of professionals, who understand how machine learning (ML) works, what they can deliver and how they can be applied into different business context. This course is intended to bridge the gap between the business strategy and technical how-to. Through lectures, case discussion, and experiments in real-world data sets, students will gain a broad understanding of ML and AI concepts, explore the state-of-art use cases of AI technology in business, identify new opportunities and potential risks brought by AI, and recognize how to effectively communicate with the data science and machine learning team.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Jiying WANG Mon 1900-2220 (L1)
Thu 1900-2220 (L2)
L1: 5 Apr & 19 Apr - 31 May 2021
L2: 4 Feb & 18 Feb - 1 Apr 2021 – Rm G003, LSK Building
L1: For MSc(ISM); MBA; MBA(Bi-Weekly) and MBA Exchange students only
L2: For MSc(ISM) students only
L1: 12 Apr 2021
L2: 5 Feb 2021

ISOM 5320 Digital Business and Web Analytics2 Credits

This course offers essential knowledge and tools for managers of digital business. Topics include e-commerce models, web analytics, Internet marketing, Internet pricing and strategy, web-based personalization, online-intermediaries, etc.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Sabrina YEE
Tue 1400-1720

6 Apr - 25 May 2021

For MSc(BA) students only 

12 Apr 2021


ISOM 5330 Financial Technology for Business Professionals 2 Credits

This course provides students with an overview of the underlying information technologies used in the finance, banking, and insurance industries. The course covers the critical business, legal and technology issues and the related risks faced by corporate executives when analyzing, designing, launching and managing Financial Technology projects to drive business innovations.                                    

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Hilton CHAN Sat 1430 - 1750
30 Jan - 6 Feb & 20 Feb - 27 Mar 2021 For MSc(ISM) students only  5 Feb 2021

ISOM 5360 Information Systems Auditing 2 Credits

This course introduces the fundamental concepts of information systems (IS) auditing.  Topics include IS control and assurance, COBIT, business continuity planning, protection of information assets, auditing the network infrastructure, physical access exposures and controls, and disaster recovery management.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Percy DIAS Mon 0930-1250 – Rm G003, LSK Building 1 Feb - 8 Feb & 22 Feb - 29 Mar 2021 For MSc(ISM); MSc(ACCT); MBA and MBA Exchange students only 5 Feb 2021

ISOM 5390 Digital and Social Media Strategy 2 Credits

This course examines how firms can use digital marketing and social media to reach, acquire, and engage customers. Topics include search and display ads, viral marketing analytics, online word-of-mouth, social data, and mobile ads and apps, etc.  

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Tat Koon KOH Sat 0900-1220 (L1)
Sat 1430-1750 (L2)
L1: 30 Jan - 6 Feb & 20 Feb - 27 Mar 2021
L2: 10 Apr - 29 May 2021

L1: For MBA and MBA Exchange students only
L2: For MSc(ISM) students only

L1: 1 Feb 2021
L2: 12 Apr 2021

ISOM 5450 Technology Consulting 2 Credits

This course is designed for students from different professions to become skilled in using consulting tools to analyze issues, evaluate solutions from multiple dimensions of people, process, technology and governance, and then use a framework for IT strategy recommendations for effective communication.  Students will learn how to apply these technology consulting tools to the latest technology trends, such as big data, e-commerce, e-recruitment, security, etc. facing today's businesses.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Ronald FUNG

Wed 1900-2220
Fri 1900-2220 (12 Mar)

17 Feb - 31 Mar & 12 Mar 2021
For MSc(ISM) students only
Venue: Business School Central, 15/F, HK Club Building, 3A Charter Road, Central
19 Feb 2021

ISOM 6380 Information Systems Practicum2 Credits

This course focuses on information systems project development and implementation. Students will work in a team under faculty supervision to analyze, design, and implement information systems solutions in a real-world business setting. They will work with a sponsor organization in developing the project.

InstructorDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. James KWOK, Prof. Ohchan KWON, and Prof. Jiying WANG 30 Jan - 29 May 2021

For MSc(ISM) students only
Instructor Consent Required

5 Feb 2021

ISOM 7000M IS Doctoral Seminar: Empirical Studies of Innovation and Digitization 2 Credits

Presentation and discussions of current research topics in Information Systems for doctoral students.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Ohchan KWON and Prof. Zhitao YIN
Thu 1000-1150 25 Feb, 4 Mar - 25 Mar & 8 Apr - 6 May 2021 For MPhil and PhD students in SBM only
Instructor Consent Required
17 Feb 2021