PG Courses offered in Fall 2019-2020 (Information Systems)

ISOM 5020 Information and Technology Management 2 Credits

A general manager's perspective on the strategic roles of information and technology in companies, overview of enabling technologies, how information systems are developed and managed, and how to make technology management decisions.           

ExclusionsInstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
IMBA 5120, ISOM 5100

Prof. Jeevan JAISINGH (L1 & L2)

Sat 0900-1220 (L1) – Rm 2001, LSK Building
Sat 1400-1720 (L2) 
 Rm 2001, LSK Building
Sat 0900-1220 (L2) 
– Rm 2003, LSK Building (21 Dec)
L1 & L2: 2 Nov - 21 Dec 2019

L1 & L2: For PT MBA Year 1 students only


L1 & L2: 4 Nov 2019

ISOM 5100 Information Strategy and Management 2 Credits

Examination of economic principles of information systems strategy, highlighting application of economics and management principles to the unique environment of information services and information-enabled competition. 

ExclusionInstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
ISOM 5020 Prof. Jeevan JAISINGH Sat 0900-1220 (L1) – Rm 1005, LSK Building 31 Aug - 19 Oct 2019

For MSc(ISM) Year 1 students only
Will have normal class on 14 Sep 2019

2 Sep 2019

ISOM 5180 Applied Network Management 2 Credits

In an interconnected economy, the management of network applications becomes increasingly important.  This course provides an overview of the basic networking management principles and concepts.  Both theoretical knowledge and practical training in applications of network management (e.g. Cisco) are included.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Percy DIAS Mon 0930-1250 (L1) – Rm G003, LSK Building 28 Oct - 16 Dec 2019 For MSc(ISM); FT MBA; MBA Exchange and MPhil(TLE) students only 4 Nov 2019

ISOM 5230 Privacy Management in the Digital Age2 Credits

This course provides an overview of information privacy and management in the digital age. It covers the fundamental concepts and dimensions of privacy; the impact of Internet marketing, customer relationship management, Web personalization, and data mining on consumer privacy; privacy enhancing technologies; and regulation of business practices.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Henry CHANG Tue 1400-1720 (L1) – Rm G003, LSK Building 27 Aug - 15 Oct 2019 For MSc(BA) students only
Will have normal class on 1 Oct 2019 
2 Sep 2019

ISOM 5240 Deep Learning Business Applications with Python2 Credits

Deep Learning (DL) is a promising way for developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) applications. It is exceptionally useful for training a large amount of unstructured historical datasets, and predicting the most-likely outputs. DL can be applied in many business areas such as finance, marketing, customer services, information security and so on, and most importantly DL can outperform existing non-AI systems due to the nature of neural networks. This course intends to introduce Python programming language for developing DL business applications. Students will apply knowledge in current and future trends of DL to design DL business applications.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. James KWOK Sat 1400-1720 (L1) – Lecture Theater H 2 Nov - 21 Dec 2019 For MSc(ISM); MBA and MBA Exchange students only 4 Nov 2019

ISOM 5260 Fundamentals of Database Management2 Credits

Introduction to database management systems with emphasis on business applications. Technical and administrative considerations in database implementation. Students implement a business system using a commercial-off-the-shelf software package.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. James THONG

Wed 1430-1650 (L1) – Rm 1010, LSK Building
Wed 1700-1750 (L1) – Rm G005, LSK Building
Tue 1430-1750 (L1) – Lecture Theater A (15 Oct)
Tue 1430-1650 (L2) – Rm 1034, LSK Building (27 Aug)
Tue 1430-1650 (L2) – Rm 1009, LSK Building (3 - 17 Sep & 1-8 Oct)
Tue 1430-1750 (L2) – Lecture Theater A (24 Sep & 15 Oct)
Tue 1700-1750 (L2) – Rm G005, LSK Building (27 Aug - 17 Sep & 1-8 Oct) 

L1: 28 Aug - 15 Oct 2019
L2: 27 Aug - 15 Oct 2019
L1: For MSc(ISM); FT MBA; MBA Exchange and MPhil(TLE) students only
L2: For MSc(ACCT) students only
Will have normal class on 1 Oct 2019
L1: 2 Sep 2019
L2: 2 Sep 2019

ISOM 5270 Big Data Analytics2 Credits

Data plays an increasingly important role in business decision making. This course introduces the key concepts and applications of business analytics in the world of Big Data. Example business problems to be solved analytically include customer relationship management, financial trading, social media marketing, search engine strategy, etc. Hands-on experience with popular data analytical tools will be included.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Rong ZHENG Thu 1400-1720 (L1) – Rm 2003, LSK Building 31 Oct - 19 Dec 2019 For MSc(ISM); FT MBA; MBA Exchange and MPhil(TLE) students only 4 Nov 2019  

ISOM 5280 Computer and Internet Security Management2 Credits

In-depth study of information systems security in business organizations. Basic principles and functions of secure systems reviewed; management policy, plans and programs discussed.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Weiyin HONG Sat 0930-1250 (L1) – Rm G003, LSK Building 2 Nov - 21 Dec 2019 For MSc(ISM) students only 4 Nov 2019  

ISOM 5290 Information Systems Development Methodologies2 Credits

This course provides an overview of the principles of information systems (IS) development methodologies.  Topics include process modeling, object-oriented modeling, data flow diagramming, use case modeling, UML, and management issues in IS development. 

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Xiaojun ZHANG Sat 1430-1750 (L1) – Rm 1005, LSK Building 2 Nov - 21 Dec 2019 For MSc(ISM) students only  4 Nov 2019

ISOM 5320 Electronic Commerce and Web Analytics2 Credits

This course offers essential knowledge and tools for managers of e-business. Topics include e-commerce models, web analytics, Internet marketing, Internet pricing and strategy, web-based personalization, online-intermediaries, etc.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Hong XU Mon 1400-1720 (L1) – Rm 2003, LSK Building
Tue 1400-1720 (L1) – Rm 3001, LSK Building (8 Oct)
Mon 1400-1720 (L2) – Rm G003, LSK Building
L1: 26 Aug - 14 Oct 2019
L2: 28 Oct - 16 Dec 2019

L1: For MSc(ISM); FT MBA; MBA Exchange and MPhil(TLE) students only
L2: For MSc(GO) students only 

L1: 2 Sep 2019
L2: 4 Nov 2019

ISOM 5340 FinTech and Big Data Financial Analytics2 Credits

Recent technology innovations have reshaped the finance industry, leading to new way of how financial information is disseminated, processed and analyzed. Topics to be covered will include: artificial intelligence in financial analytics, big data alpha models, algorithm trading and high frequency trading, social trading, robo-advisor, P2P lending, cryptocurrency and blockchain.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Rong ZHENG

Sat 1400-1720 (L1) – Lecture Theater H
Sat 1400-1720 (L1) – Rm 3003, LSK Building (28 Sep)
Fri 1900-2220 (L1) – HKGCC, 22/F, United Centre, 95 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong (18 Oct)

7 Sep - 18 Oct 2019 For MBA and MBA Exchange students only
Will have normal class on 14 Sep 2019
9 Sep 2019

ISOM 5460 Project Management2 Credits

This course covers the essential project management skills to ensure successful implementation of high-technology projects.  Topics include investment decisions, resource planning, budgeting, scheduling, outsourcing, and risk assessment and control, as major components of the PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge).

ExclusionsInstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
ISOM 5770, MIMT 5350 Prof. Jeevan JAISINGH (L1- L3) Thu 1030-1150 (L1) – Rm G001, LSK Building
Thu 1030-1150 (L1) – Rm G005, LSK Building (19 Sep)
Sat 1430-1550 (L2) – Rm 5620, Lifts 31-32
Sat 1430-1550 (L2) – Rm G005, LSK Building (21 Sep)
Sat 1430-1550 (L2)  Rm 4582, Lifts 27-28 (28 Sep)
Sun 0900-1220 & 1400-1720 (L3)  Rm 2001, LSK Building
L1: 29 Aug - 17 Oct 2019
L2: 31 Aug - 19 Oct 2019
L3: 25 Aug, 8 Sep, 22 Sep & 13 Oct 2019

L1: For MSc(ISM) students only
Class Time: 10:30am - 12:00pm
L2: For MSc(ISM) students only
Class Time: 2:30pm - 4:00pm
Will have normal class on 14 Sep 2019
L3: For MBA, MBA Exchange and Bi-weekly MBA students only

L1: 2 Sep 2019
L2: 2 Sep 2019
L3: 26 Aug 2019

ISOM 5480 Technology Entrepreneurship 2 Credits

This course introduces the principles of technology entrepreneurship.  It provides an overview of the theory and best practices on developing innovative business models of the digital economy, and the strategy, structure and pricing related to new enterprises.  Topics include technology entrepreneurship, e-marketing, web 2.0 and enterprise 2.0, information in financial market, globalization, and the long tail.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Ohchan KWON Wed 1900-2220 (L1) – United Conference Centre, 10/F, United Centre, 95 Queensway, Admiralty, Hong Kong 30 Oct - 18 Dec 2019 For MBA; MBA Exchange and MPhil(TLE) students only 4 Nov 2019

ISOM 6000I Global Implications of Fintech Innovations 2 Credits

Students will learn to analyze risks and challenges associated with technology which enabled financial market transformation. They will have solid understanding of the social, economic, and political challenges and tradeoffs associated with transformation of financial markets using technology-enabled innovations, including: description of FinTech; its importance in financial markets and transformation; categorization FinTech association with different type of innovations; implementation and marketing plan to address a specific issue involving regulation of FinTech innovations, businesses, or markets.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Theodore CLARK Thu 2000-2150 (L1) – TBA
Sat 2000-2150 (L1) TBA (2 Nov)
29 Aug - 10 Oct & 2 Nov 2019 For MBA and MBA Exchange students only 2 Sep 2019

ISOM 6000J IoT Management Strategy 2 Credits

This course will introduce the Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and services and how it accelerates the digital transformation in an organization. loT gives access to the data from billions of connected devices which will create new knowledge with recommended actions from analytics, business leaders can think and act differently, create new insights that foster innovation, disrupt current industry models and engage new markets. Other related areas will also be discussed, such as industry trends, opportunities, common issues in the adoption and directions in this fast growing area.

InstructorClass HoursDurationRemarksAdd/Drop Deadline
Prof. Samon TAI Mon 1900-2220 (L1) – B-School Central, 15/F, HK Club Building, 3A Charter Road, Central
Mon 1900-2220 (L1) – Rm 2003, LSK Building (2 Sep)
26 Aug - 14 Oct 2019 For MBA and MBA Exchange students only
Will have normal class on 7 Oct 2019
2 Sep 2019