UG Courses Offered in Summer 2020-2021 (Operations Management)

ISOM 3710 Business Modeling and Optimization 4 Credits

The science and technology of informed decision making with focus on optimizing business processes. Spreadsheet decision modeling in Excel will be used throughout. Emphasis on problem formulation, spreadsheet-based solution methods, and managerial insights. Applications to managerial decision problems in diverse industries and functional areas including finance and accounting, human resource, marketing, and operations.

ExclusionInstructorClass Hours
CIVL2170, IEDA3010; 

(L1) 21-Jun-2021 - 02-Aug-2021     MoWe   0930-1220 - TBA    
(T1) 21-Jun-2021 - 02-Aug-2021     MoWe   1400-1450 - TBA