UG Courses offered in Fall 2020-2021 (Operations Management)

ISOM 1500   Insightful Decisions 3 Credits


The course helps students develop better analytical and decision making skills in approaching practical and important social and business issues. Students will derive solutions or conclusions that require critical thinking, creativity, quantitative analysis, and common sense. Cover topics in decision traps, quantitative decision models, statistical reasoning, computer tools, data-analysis techniques, etc. and, more importantly, how these decision analysis concepts and tools can be applied in a broad set of social and business problems.

Instructor  Class Hours  Class Attributes
 Prof. Suri GURUMURTHI  

  (L1) Mo 1030-1150 
  (L2) We 0900-1020
  (L3) Mo 0900-1020
  (L4) We 1030-1150

 Common Core (SA Special list) for 10 &11 3Y programs   
 Common Core (SA) 2010 & 2011 3Y programs
 Common Core (SA) 2012 3Y programs
 Common Core (QR) for 4Y programs
 Common Core (SA) for 4Y programs
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 Blended learning

ISOM 2500   Business Statistics 3 Credits

L1-L2-L3, L4, L5, L6

Collection, tabulation and presentation of numerical data; concepts of probability and probability distributions; sampling; statistical estimation and hypothesis testing; correlation and regression analysis.

ExclusionInstructorClass Hours
CIVL 2160, IEDA 2510,
LIFS 3150, MATH 2411,
MATH 3423

 Prof. Inchi HU
 Prof. Lilun DU
 Prof. Xinghua ZHENG
 Prof. Kohei KAWAGUCHI 
 Prof. Lucy XIA 

(L1) TuTh  0900-1020 
(L2) WeFr  1500-1620 
(L3) TuTh  1630-1750 

(L4) Mo     1330-1450    
       Fr       0900-1020 

(L5) TuTh   1500-1620   
(L6) MoWe  1200-1320  

ISOM 2600   Introduction to Business Analytics1 Credit

L1-L2, L3, L4, L5-L6

This course introduces students with the foundation needed to apply data analytics to real-world challenges they will confront in their future career. It covers statistical tools in descriptive analytics and predictive analytics, including multiple linear regression, logistic regression and clustering. Emphasis is placed on applications, concepts and interpretation of results, rather than theory and calculations. Students use a computer software for data analysis. For SBM students only.

Pre-requisiteCo-requisiteInstructorClass HoursRemarks
ISOM 2500   ISOM2020   Prof. Kris PAN,
 Prof. Inchi HU,
 Prof. Xuhu Wan,
 Prof. Lilun DU

  26-Oct-2020 - 05-Dec-2020 
  (L1)  Mo 1300-1450
  (L2)  Tu  1030-1220
  (L3)  Mo 1500-1650
  (L4)  Tu  1330-1520
  (L5)  Th  1330-1520
  (L6)  Th  1030-1220

 (LA1)  Tu  1600-1650   
 (LA2)  Fr   1700-1750  
 (LA3)  Fr   1500-1550  
 (LA4)  We  1330-1420   
 (LA5)  We  1630-1720   
 (LA6)  Fr   1300-1350   
 (LA7)  Mo  1730-1820 
 (LA9)  Th   1600-1650

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ISOM 2700   Operations Management 3 Credits

L1-L2, L3-L4, L5, L6

For SB&M students, and programs that designate the course as a required/recommended elective course. Production and service operations viewed from the strategic, tactical and operational levels; capacity planning, process selection, impact of technology location and layout, material and resource requirements, scheduling and quality control.

ExclusionInstructorClass Hours
 IEDA 4100

 Prof. Dongwook SHIN


 (L1) TuTh   0900-1020    
 (L2) TuTh   1500-1620   
 (L3) TuTh   1030-1150   
 (L4) TuTh   1200-1320     
 (L5) TuTh   1630-1750    
 (L6) TuTh   1330-1450    

ISOM 3540   Introduction to Probability Models 3 Credits

Probabilities, random variables, distribution functions, densities, expected values, conditional distributions and densities, conditional expectations, moment generating functions, Chebyshev's inequality, central limit theorem, and Poisson processes.

PrerequisiteExclusionInstructorClass Hours
 ISOM 2500 or
  MATH 2411
 MATH 2421,
 MATH 3425
 Prof. Mike SO  (L1) TuTh 1330-1450   

ISOM 3710   Business Modeling and Optimization 4 Credits


The science and technology of informed decision making with focus on optimizing business processes. Spreadsheet decision modeling in Excel will be used throughout. Emphasis on problem formulation, spreadsheet-based solution methods, and managerial insights. Applications to managerial decision problems in diverse industries and functional areas including finance and accounting, human resource, marketing, and operations.

ExclusionInstructorClass Hours
 CIVL 2170, IEDA 3010,  
 Prof. Shaohui ZHENG  

 (L1) TuTh  0900-1020     
 (L2) TuTh  1030-1150

(T1) Mo   1400-1450    
(T2) Mo   1500-1550 

ISOM 3730   Quality and Process Management 4 Credits


Concepts and strategic importance of quality, organizational aspects, total quality control, quality and productivity improvement programs, quality costs and economics. Applications in industrial and service sectors. Second or third year standing preferred.

ExclusionInstructorClass HoursClass Attributes
 IEDA 3270  Prof. Ki Ling CHEUNG 

 (L1) Mo 0900-1020    
 (L2) We 0900-1020

 (T1) Th 1200-1250

 Blended Learning

ISOM 3760   Logistics Management 3 Credits

Management of purchasing and distribution of goods and services; supply management; material handling; pricing; transportation and warehousing; customer service standards. Second or third year standing preferred.

PrerequisiteExclusionInstructorClass Hours
 ISOM 2700  IEDA 3450  Prof. Ying-Ju CHEN   (L1) TuTh 1500-1620    

ISOM 3770   Global Supply Chain Management 3 Credits

[Previous Course Code: ISOM4770] Single node inventory control, supply chain network, demand management, manufacturing and replenishment in supply chains, information and coordination in supply chains, product variety management.

PrerequisiteExclusionInstructorClass Hours
 ISOM 2700 AND ISOM 3710   IEDA 4410  Prof. Xuan WANG 

 (L1) MoWe  1030-1150    

 (T1) Mo      1800-1850

ISOM 4530   Statistical Analysis of Financial Data in R/S-plus4 Credits

This course intends to introduce the students to modern data analysis with an emphasis on financial applications. In this course, students will study the data exploration methods, applications of regression and time series, gain experience in analyzing financial data; and become proficient in using statistical software (R or S-Plus) to do estimation, modeling, and forecasting.

PrerequisiteInstructorClass Hours
 IEDA 2510 OR ISOM 2500 OR MATH 2411   Prof. Xinghua ZHENG 

 (L1) Mo  1500-1750     
 (T1) Th  1800-1850

ISOM 4740   Enterprise Resource Management 3 Credits

Basic concepts and practices of enterprise resource management; popular enterprise resource planning software packages, such as SAP R/3 for discussing and building integrated business solutions.

PrerequisiteInstructorClass HoursClass Attributes
 ISOM 2700  Prof. Ronald LAU  (L1) Tu 1200-1450     Blended Learning

ISOM 4750   Business Project Management 3 Credits

This course covers basic principles and practices of project management. Special emphases are on project planning, scheduling, and control while addressing both the technical and the social aspects of managing business projects.

PrerequisiteInstructorClass Hours
ISOM2700  Prof. Qing LI

 (L1) MoWe  1200-1450      

ISOM 4840   Financial Service Operations Management 3 Credits

This course focuses on the products, processes and delivery channels in the financial industries. It analyzes and evaluates the designs and performances of the internal operations and the different distribution channels of the financial institutions, and identifies opportunities for continuous improvement in productivity, efficiency and service quality. Issues like operational risk management, application of IT, automation, outsourcing and new trends in the financial service operations for both financial institutions and non-financial institutions will be explored.

PrerequisiteAlternate Code(s)InstructorClass Hours
 ISOM 2500 OR
 MATH 2411) AND ISOM 2700
 RMBI 4110  Prof. Suri GURUMURTHI   (L1) TuTh  0900-1220