undergraduate courses offered in spring 2016/17

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FINA 1303 Introduction to Financial Markets Prof. Veronique Lafon-Vinais view
FINA 2203 Fundamentals of Business Finance Prof. Peter MacKay view
FINA 2303 Financial Management Prof. Veronique Lafon-Vinais view
FINA 3103 Intermediate Investments Prof. Utpal Bhattacharya view
FINA 3103 Intermediate Investments Prof. Abhiroop Mukherjee view
FINA 3103 Intermediate Investments Prof. George Panayotov view
FINA 3203 Derivative Securities Prof. Sophie Ni view
FINA 3303 Intermediate Corporate Finance Prof. Alminas Žaldokas view
FINA 3403 Corporate Valuation Ms. Kao Tsui Fen, Gina view
FINA 3810 Bloomberg Market Concepts Certification   view
FINA 4103 Financial Markets Trading and Structure Prof. Binying Liu view
FINA 4403 International Finance Prof. Kai Li view
FINA 4203 Mergers,Acquisitions, and Corporate Restructuring Prof. Kasper Nielsen view
FINA 4503 Banking and Financial Intermediation Prof. Deniz Okat  view
FINA 4603 Venture Capital Financing Prof. John Nash view
FINA 4803 Quantitative Trading Prof. Andrew Chiu view