Declaring Additional Major

With the approval of the relevant Major-program Coordinators, students may complete the requirements for more than one major program and have these programs appear on their transcript. Due to the quota limitation, QFIN program will only accept few applications for program transfer and declaring additional major in QFIN.

Additional Major for currently enrolled QFIN Students

Students registered as QFIN major are possible to declare additional major if

  • they are approved by the department of the additional major; and
  • they are approved by the UG coordinator of QFIN program

Application Deadline

    Subject to the department offering the additional major. Please contact the department offering the additional major for details.

Non-QFIN Students Pursuing an Additional Major in QFIN

For students who want to declare QFIN as their additional major, applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis, and the quota is limited to few quota per year. Based on recent cases, students who successfully declared QFIN as their additional major on average have CGA above 3.8 with competitive resume and interview performance. Your application must be approved by both QFIN coordinator and the coordinator of your first major.

Application Deadline

  • For additional major to be effective in Fall term, all relevant documents must be submitted by July 15.
  • For additional major to be effective in Spring term, all relevant documents must be submitted by January 3.
  • Shortlisted candidates will receive interview invitations by July 22 for Fall term, and January 10 for Spring term.

Application Procedure

Please submit the following documents to Ms. Miki YEUNG by the application deadline:

  • Completed application form for declaring additional major. The form can be downloaded here
  • Latest unofficial transcript
  • Curriculum of both the first major and additional major programs
  • Resume
  • Study plan (please contact Ms. Miki YEUNG at for the study plan template). Study plan must show that it is feasible for you to graduate within a normal 4-year period.