Job Market Candidates

We have two PhD students on the academic finance job market this year.

Amit Kumar’s interests lie in household finance and corporate finance. His job market paper Know Thyself: Access to Own Credit Report and The Retail Mortgage Market shows that when credit reports became easily accessible for U.S. consumers in 2005, the  pool quality of mortgage applicants improved and as a result loan approvals increased and subsequent delinquencies decreased. You can find more information about Amit on his website: https://www.amitkmr.com/


Sangeun Ha’s interests lie in ESG, corporate governance, and corporate finance. Her job market paper Outsourcing Workplace Safety studies employee health and workplace safety as the reason for firm subcontracting decisions. She finds that when a law in Korea  expanded the legal accountability of firms to cover contract workers, workplace safety improved, but at the same time firms started hiring fewer contract workers, and overall employment fell. You can find more information about Sangeun on her website: https://sites.google.com/view/sangeun-ha

All the best to Amit and Sangeun!