Seminar List 2006

January, 2006

January 4 2006
Prof. Douglas Guthrie, New York University
State-Ownership, Privatization, and Corporate Governance in China's Market Transition: The Political Economy of Publicly-Traded Firms

January 11 2006
Prof. Edward Zajac, Northwestern University
The Symbolic Management of Strategic Change: Sensegiving via Framing and Decoupling

February, 2006

February 10,  2006
Mr. Hongwei Xu, Stanford University
Organizational Diversity and Museum Formation: A Study of American Local Communities 1872 - 1976

February 17,  2006
Mr. Young-Choon Kim, Stanford University
The rise of Organized Transfer: Technology Transfer Programs and Activities in American Research Universities

March, 2006

March 17,  2006
Prof. Peter Kim, University of Southern California
Searching for Forgiveness: The Role of Accounts, Actions, and Attributions for the Repair of Trust after its Violation

March 27,  2006
Prof. Andrew Delios, National University of Singapore
Diversification and Diffusion: A Social Networks and Neo-Institutional Perspective

March 31,  2006
Prof. Waverly Ding, University of California Berkeley
Brokerage in a Vertical Alliance Network

April, 2006

April 6,  2006
Prof. Max Boisot, University of Cambridge
China and the Challenge of Globalization

April 21,  2006
Prof. Emily Nason and Prof. Riki Takeuchi, HKUST
Bring Back the "Social" and "Relational" Aspects into Social Exchange Relationship: The Roles of Exchange

May, 2006

May 3,  2006
Prof. Marcus Schuetz, Director of  Strategic Planning and Change Management of Shanghai Volkswagen Automotive Limited
Turning Around a Chinese SOE

May 12,  2006
Prof. Johannes Pennings, University of Pennsylvania
Sourcing of Innovaton as Trendsetting in the Imaging Sector: A Comparison between Large MNEs and SMEs

May 26,  2006
Prof. Joseph Mahoney, University of Illinois
Towards a Stakeholder Theory of Strategic Management

June, 2006

June 7,  2006
Prof. Gilad Chen, University of Maryland
Are There I's in Teams? A Multilevel Theory of Motivation in and of Teams

June 20,  2006
Prof. Ruth Aguilera, University of  Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Left at the Altar? A Relational View of Merger and Acquisition Announcement in the 1990s.

June 30,  2006
Mr. Rajiv Krishnam Kozhikode, HKUST
Examining the Relationship Between Managerial Ties and Firm Performance Through the Real Options Lines.

September, 2006

Sept. 8,  2006
Prof. Hui Liao, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey
Service Profit Chain: Linking Management, Employee, and Customer Interfaces

Sept. 18,  2006
Prof. Elizabeth George, Australian Graduate School of Management
Employment Externalization: When Temporary Solutions Create Permanent Problems

Sept. 20,  2006
Prof. Prithviraj Chattopadhyay, Australian Graduate School of Management
Demographic dissimilarity, emotions and conflict: Examining the role of salience

Sept. 29,  2006
Prof. Zur Shapira, New York University
Innovation Incentives Met Organizational Reality: Comparing Investment Practices by Corporate and Independent Venture Capitalists

October, 2006

October 25,  2006
Prof. Jeroen Kuilman, HKUST
Competitive Exclusion or De-Partitioning: An Exploration of Market Dynamics in a Transitional Economy

November, 2006

November 8,  2006
Prof. Donald Hambrick, Pennsylvania State University
It's all about me: Narcissistic CEOs and their effects on company strategy and performance

November 17,  2006
Prof. Ellick Wong, HKUST
Preference Reversals in Performance Evaluation

December, 2006

December 6,  2006
Ms Xiaomeng Zhang, University of Maryland
Empowerment and Employee Creativity: A Multidimensonal Approach

December 8,  2006
Mr Zhen Zhang, University of Minnesota 
In the Eyes of the Follower: Cognitive and Affective Antecedents of Transformational Leadership Perceptions and Individual Outcomes

December 12,  2006
Prof. Ming Jer Chen, University of Virginia
Cross-Border Competitive Aggress Among MNCs: Market and Resource Considerations

December 15, 2006
Prof. Theresa Cho, University of Rutgers University
Do you See What I See? Management Team Recomposition, CEO Entrenchment and Environment Shift

December 22, 2006
Mr. Ian Larkin, University of California, Berkeley 
The Cost of High-Powered Incentives: Employee Gaming in Enterprise Software Sales