Seminar List 2001

March, 2001

March 21, 2001
Prof. J. Keith Murnighan, Northwestern University
An Attributional Impetus Model of Interpersonal Trust Development: Dependence, Self-impression Management, and Perspective-Taking Dynamics

April, 2001

April 20, 2001
Dr. Tai-Young Kim, HKUST
Learning, Inertia, and Prior Experience in the Italian Automobile Industry, 1896-1981

April 27, 2001
Dr. Jianwen Liao, DePaul University 
Roles of Social Capital in Venture Creation: Key Dimensions and Research Implications

May, 2001

May 2, 2001
Prof. Linda A. Jackson, Michigan State University
HomeNetToo: Motivational, Affective and Cognitive Factors and Internet Use: Explaining the Digital Divide and the Internet Paradox

May 16, 2001
Dr. Jing Zhou, Texas A&M University
When Job Dissatisfaction Leads to Creativity: Encouraging the Expression of Voice

September, 2001

September 25, 2001
Prof. Richard D Arvey,University of Minnesota
Genetic and Environmental Components of Leadership